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Automation Test Engineer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
2 min readpublished 25 April 2022updated 24 February 2023

The field of automation includes many tasks, such as developing tests to verify the operation of applications or websites, as well as improving and maintaining the quality of their work. The roles and responsibilities of automation testers depend on the company, its business focus, and the knowledge and experience of the engineer. For a better understanding of the vacancy, get acquainted with the general automation engineer job description and other nuances.

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Automation engineer job description template

What is an automation engineer? An automation engineer is a specialist who implements the entire life cycle of automated equipment from programming to testing.

The job responsibilities of a QA automation engineer include automating various systems and identifying and eliminating errors in their work. But each company has its own requirements for automation engineers.

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Roles and responsibilities of an automation tester

Although they may vary from one company to another, the roles and responsibilities of automation testers are usually as follows:

  1. Knowledge of Selenium Test Environment (STE) and the ability to configure it
  2. Ability to customize Selenium in various integrations
  3. Automation of various projects, for example, a framework
  4. Communication and interaction with customers to solve their problems
  5. Development of equipment automation plans and their approval

Of course, this is not a complete list, but it contains some of the main roles and responsibilities that you can take into account, depending on the company and the specific project.

Automation engineer requirements

Some of the general requirements for QA automation engineer jobs are:

  1. Education in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or related specialties
  2. Maintenance of facilities and ability to work with automation equipment
  3. Project management skills
  4. Ability to work with artificial intelligence and robotics
  5. Comprehensive knowledge in the field of software development
  6. Skills for timely detection and elimination of errors
  7. Experience in systems testing

The role of an automation engineer

The role of a QA automation engineer can vary from company to company. It depends on the composition and number of people on the team. Role options you may encounter are:

  1. Automation QA engineer
  2. Performance test engineer
  3. Quality control team leader

Automation engineer skills

While employers’ expectations may vary depending on their needs, some of the commonly required automation engineer skills include the following:

Technical skills:

  1. Knowledge of various programming languages such as Java, Python, etc.
  2. Knowledge of quality assurance methodologies and automation testing tools
  3. Experience with HTML and CSS
  4. Advanced knowledge of CI/CD
  5. Knowledge of Page Object and Page Factory patterns

Soft skills:

  1. Ability to work in a team
  2. Desire to constantly learn new things and improve skills
  3. Perseverance
  4. Ability to resolve conflicts
  5. Strong leadership qualities

If you have these skills, be sure to list them on your resume so that the potential employer knows what you can offer to their team.

A QA automation engineer is a very important member of the team due to their role in ensuring the quality of the product and the successful end result. If you have studied the automation engineer job description and meet all the requirements, then you can get the best job right now!

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