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Backend Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 19 September 2022

Backend developers are specialists whose main responsibility is to develop web and desktop products on the server side. They not only create new products, they work on improving existing ones. Let's look at a classic example of a backend developer job description that a specialist of any level may encounter. This description can help a backend developer to create a professional resume and find a job, and can also help recruiters because the template identifying responsibilities, requirements, and skills can easily be used to create a position description to fill a vacancy.

Backend Developer Job Description Template

The backend developer job description generally includes responsibilities covering the complete product life cycle, identifying necessary functions and technologies, meeting all requirements of the client and management, and being able to scale and update. The focus is on creating an application that is fully adapted to various devices. All the work of the backend developer aims to improve the quality of the user experience.

Backend Developer Requirements

Candidates for a backend developer position can expect to encounter the following requirements:

  1. Thorough and current knowledge of new technologies to implement the best and most up-to-date features in the software
  2. Work as a backend developer or in a related specialty for at least 2 years
  3. A bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology
  4. Command of server languages ​​and frameworks
  5. Comprehensive knowledge of programming languages, their methodologies, and specifications
  6. Proficiency with preprocesses
  7. Basic grasp of providing security
  8. Ability to create systems with a streamlined authorization process and quick switching between them
  9. Skill in creating scripts
  10. Understanding of performing schemes and architecture of the server part and databases
  11. Mastery of automation and code versioning tools
  12. Awareness of new technologies
  13. The ability to quickly identify, locate, and correct errors

Backend developers must be able to communicate effectively with other team members, including IT specialists, frontend developers, programmers, testers, etc. Additional skills required of a backend developer often include effective communication, the ability to conduct a business conversation, appropriate delegation of duties between employees, etc.

Backend Developer Responsibilities

The responsibilities of this position begin with helping developers create a functional backend for a future application as well as backend logic to successfully integrate the user side. Other key backend developer responsibilities include:

  1. Future product planning
  2. Developing each element of the server side
  3. Writing clean and scalable code
  4. Connecting several systems into one
  5. Software testing at different stages of development
  6. Developing and debugging product components
  7. Identifying and correcting possible errors
  8. Constructing the most suitable architecture
  9. Creating databases
  10. Working with website design
  11. Managing the entire system
  12. Planning the introduction of new technologies and updates

The responsibilities of a specialist vary greatly depending on skill level. Juniors, for example, will exclusively perform routine tasks under the supervision of senior colleagues. The middle will generally have the list of duties described above. Seniors will have additional duties, including: managing several employees or an entire department, distributing tasks, maintaining the entire project, and taking full responsibility for the finished product.

Backend Developer Roles

Roles frequently undertaken by a backend developer include:

  1. Creating the server side of the application and filling it with user-oriented elements
  2. Developing code and libraries that can be used an unlimited number of times
  3. Integrating elements that allow storage of a large data stream
  4. Optimizing products for maximum efficiency and performance
  5. Increasing the speed of the software
  6. Ensuring a high level of data security
  7. Communicating with management and other team members to achieve optimal results

To perform the duties of a backend developer, you need stress resistance, an analytical mindset, attention to detail, and a receptiveness to changes.

Backend Developer Duties

Backend developer duties can be supported by a desire to constantly improve your knowledge and skills, as well as a sense of purpose and ambition in matters of career growth and development. Companies focus on this when selecting an employee and will ask you to answer the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

If you want a job featuring remote online cooperation, the doors to many companies around the world will be open to you. Your primary tasks will be to prepare for specific working conditions, and to learn how to manage your time.

Use this classic job description template, suitable for both backend developers and recruiters, to achieve your goals.