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Best Quality Assurance Certifications

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 29 September 2022

Quality control in programming is important. QA stands for quality assurance. A whole range of necessary actions is envisaged in relation to the product at different stages of its development. The QA specialist determines at each of the intermediate stages how ready the product is and whether it meets the quality requirements.

The software tester has a number of obligations. The first is to be a professional in your field, which is constantly evolving. A quality assurance certification can help achieve this. Let’s explore the most popular options for this.

Why QA certificate is so important?

When a reputable company recruits testers, they want to be sure that this link of work will be done at the proper level. Otherwise, there is a risk that the quality will “sink” because there will be no timely feedback about problems.

How does a powerful project team identify the right testers? This is where certifications come into play. This is not just a retelling of your skills or an attempt to make a good impression. This is a document that confirms that it is possible to cooperate with you, and the results of this interaction will be optimal.

QA certification options

One respected certificate is that of a test engineer from CSTE. This is a solid association whose documentation is appreciated. To obtain such a quality assurance certificate, you need to fulfill the conditions that are necessary for admission to the exam. For example, at the time of application, you need to have worked as a tester for 18 months. The fee that a specialist pays for the opportunity to pass a certification exam also provides access to preparatory materials.

Next is the CSQA certificate. It is suitable for those who have already achieved CSTE and are looking for career advancement as well as new opportunities. Why is this certificate so prestigious? It provides for two directions at once. It is not only quality control, but also quality assurance. To perform such work, you need to have deeper knowledge and skills. To apply for such a certificate, you must first pass the CSTE certification.

A certified software tester with a CAST certificate must have a basic level of knowledge. This is a great opportunity for beginners who do not yet have a reason to take exams for a more serious QA testing certification, but want to document their level and first professional achievements.

The CMSQ certificate is a document for professionals who have gone much further. Such experts can not only perform the work of software quality control and assurance but also manage a team of specialists. The requirements for candidates who wish to take this exam are more stringent than those of the others. Management skills must be supported by experience in the areas that are provided by the founders of this certification program.

Finally, consider the ISTQB certificate. This is the most prestigious document when it comes to an international-level tester. It will open up opportunities for the most promising and large-scale projects. You can get documents confirming knowledge at QA certifications courses.


A specialist who is engaged in software quality testing should try to obtain a QA tester certification for a number of reasons:

  1. Competition in the industry is quite high, so it is important to be able to document your level.
  2. Prestigious certificates open up opportunities for work and participation in promising programs for professional development.
  3. Opportunities for certification are wide enough for professionals with different levels of experience to try their hand.

To be a good software tester, you need to constantly work on yourself. Obtaining a certification is one opportunity for such improvement.