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EPAM Anywhere is looking for freelance Angular Developers (remote only).


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Freelance Angular Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere (Remote only)

Angular is a JavaScript framework from Google for developing single page applications. Being fast and affordable, it gained respect from a huge number of developers. Angular makes it easier to create interactive or dynamic web applications with less code.

As Google Trends show, Angular is one of the most popular web technologies in recent years, and, according to analysts' predictions, in the years to come. Users find it a more interesting technology due to the large number of ready-made solutions.

The vast ecosystem around Angular is evolving and its future holds great career opportunities for talented Angular Software Developers on remote who are interested in building different application types. At EPAM Anywhere, we offer various Angular jobs for developers at all levels. If this is your focus and you're ready for new exciting challenges, read more about the vacancy in this article.

Core skills and technologies for Angular Developer freelance jobs

To create an application that users will love, an experienced Angular developer needs certain skills to apply them at the right time and in the right place. These are the following:

  • knowledge of website-building languages (HTML, CSS)
  • practical experience with Angular framework
  • ability to work with Node
  • confidence in working with Git versions
  • excellent grasp of OOP concepts
  • mastering component architecture, RxJs, and Typescript
  • experience with REST API integration

If you are applying for a freelance Angular Software Developer job, you should arm yourself with these qualifications as well:

  • long term background in AngularJS
  • conducting software development with testing process organization
  • ability to ensure data security with necessary tools
  • experience in SPA SEO optimization
  • ability to properly write non-blocking functions in Node.js
  • excellent practice in setting up CI/CD processes for SOA projects
  • working with relational or other database platforms, SQL or other query languages
  • english level at least Intermediate

Angular Developer jobs also assume soft skills from the applicant, such as:

  • negotiation capability
  • ability to work in a team
  • think critically and get involved quickly
  • have organizational skills

Main responsibilities for Angular Developer at EPAM Anywhere

When you take on your duties, it's important to understand that your value is not only as a highly skilled professional, but also as a strong team member, who can collaborate effectively to achieve top results. Therefore, next tasks await you when preferring Angularf reelance jobs:

  • maintaining up-to-date and implementing new functionality in existing software versions
  • development of products based on several programming languages: Angular, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • providing high-quality performance for applications of various types
  • working with code analysis, cross reviews
  • communication coordination between the graphic designer and the HTML coder
  • creating REST APIs with the help of a back-end developer
  • providing connection to external web services
  • participation in requirements definition process to better understand customer needs

Benefits of choosing Angular Developer freelance jobs

When you apply for Angular Developer jobs on our platform, you can expect reliability, prospects, and interesting experiences. We help you save time looking for the right job. Our team cares about your successful future by offering only proven and long-term projects with well-known companies. Hurry up and join our teams of the industry’s top professionals!