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AngularJS developer resume example

hands holding a sheet of paper with an Angular logo on green backgroundhands holding a sheet of paper with an Angular logo on green background
written byChief Editor, EPAM Anywhere

As Chief Editor, Darya works with our top technical and career experts at EPAM Anywhere to share their insights with our global audience. With 12+ years in digital communications, she’s happy to help job seekers make the best of remote work opportunities and build a fulfilling career in tech.

As Chief Editor, Darya works with our top technical and career experts at EPAM Anywhere to share their insights with our global audience. With 12+ years in digital communications, she’s happy to help job seekers make the best of remote work opportunities and build a fulfilling career in tech.

Having a top-quality Angular developer resume ensures that you’ll stand out from the competition, increasing your odds in a sea of potentially qualified applicants. Fortunately, creating an eye-catching AngularJS resume is simple if you use the right approach.

If you’re ready to go beyond the generic resume builder and impress recruiters and hiring managers, here are some tips and tricks, along with an AngularJS resume sample and Angular CV template, both designed by EPAM Anywhere.

What to include in your AngularJS developer resume

When you’re creating an Angular resume, you’re essentially marketing your capabilities to employers using a single document. Ultimately, the sections you include in your Angular developer CV make a big difference, as many hiring managers and recruiters have explicit expectations. As a web developer specializing in Angular, here’s what you need to include:

Summary or resume objective

Leading off your Angular JS resume with a professional summary or resume objective lets you highlight the best of what you have to offer. In two to four sentences, you can sum up your years of experience, showcase critical skills, and demonstrate how you provide employers with value.

In many cases, you’ll want to include your current job title, as that’s another sign of your expertise. Mentioning any required certifications listed in the job description is also wise, as it shows the hiring manager you have the needed credentials right away.

Technical skills

Whether it’s technical skills that allow you to ensure the functionality of web applications or capabilities that assist with creating a web app or web pages from the ground up, using bullet points to highlight them on your AngularJS developer resume is wise. You can list individual skills in a tabbed bullet point list or divide the skills into categories.

Here are some examples of the technical skills you may want to include in your resume when looking for an Angular developer job, as these are likely to be verified with Angular interview questions:

  • AngularJS and related frameworks: Mobile Angular UI, Angular Material, Ionic, Angular UI Bootstrap, MVC, React.JS, Jasmine
  • Environments and operating systems: Unix, Node.JS, Oracle, Chrome
  • Programming and scripting languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, CSS3, HTML5, Python, XML, jQuery, JSON, MySQL
  • Methodology and project management: Agile, Scrum, software development lifecycle (SDLC), Jira, GitHub
  • Additional technical skills and capabilities: Responsive design, version control, MongoDB, Restful API, Restful web services, user interface/user experience (UI/UX), wireframes, modules, compatibility, debugging, optimization, unit testing, Karma, single-page applications (SPA), Grunt, SaaS, front-end development, back-end development, web design.
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Work experience

No Angular JS resume is complete without a section dedicated to your work experience. Use an achievement-based approach, highlighting relevant skills by showcasing your accomplishments and the results you delivered. Be specific about your role in projects and quantify the details whenever possible.

As you’re outlining your professional experience, make sure to include all relevant sources. Full-time jobs, freelance roles, and volunteer positions are all valid, so you can list that experience together in this section.


When you’re designing an Angular CV, keep in mind that not all resume samples show a projects section. However, this is potentially worth adding if you want to highlight activities that don’t fit into a traditional work history, such as personal or academic projects. You can also include some work projects here if you’d like, allowing you to showcase your most interesting work in a single section.

Having pet projects on an Angular developer resume can showcase your personal passion and additional experience. It's especially valuable when applying for junior positions or when formal work experience is lacking. They can demonstrate your initiative, ability to solve real-world problems, and provide a tangible display of work for employers to assess technical and creative skills.

However, there are potential drawbacks as well. If the project is unrelated to the job at hand, it can serve as a distraction. Also, poorly constructed or unfinished code can reflect negatively on your abilities.

In essence, mentioning pet projects is appropriate when they relate to the job you're applying for, show your skills and creativity, and are well-executed and complete. It provides employers a glimpse into your practical experience, problem-solving skills, and overall dedication to your craft. Make sure that any project you include represents your abilities well and that you are prepared to discuss it in detail if asked during an interview.


A critical component of any AngularJS developer’s CV is the education section. Here, you’ll outline any relevant college degrees, such as a bachelor’s in computer science or something similar.

When you list your education, state the name of the school, the degree earned, and your major. If you’re a recent graduate with little work experience but a high GPA, add your GPA, too. You can also state if you graduated with honors.

Training courses

Angular developer professionals can benefit from listing any completed training courses outside of their degree on their CV. These show that you’re focused on maintaining your skills after finishing college, which demonstrates your passion for the field. Plus, it’s an excellent way to highlight cutting-edge capabilities or supplemental skills that help you achieve new heights professionally.


Most CV Angular templates have a section for certificates, and with good reason. Highlighting professional certifications is another way to demonstrate relevant expertise as a software engineer. Plus, some employers require specific certifications, and this section gives you a clear place to list that information and ensure the hiring manager knows you are suitably qualified.

Soft skills

One of the AngularJS resume points that’s increasingly popular to include is a section dedicated to soft skills. After all, capabilities like leadership, organization, project management, communication, collaboration, process creation, and attention to detail are all critical to an Angular developer’s job.

If you have room available, consider adding this as a separate section. If not, you can highlight relevant soft skills in your work history.

Languages you speak

Another Angular resume point that’s worth making a separate section for is any additional languages you know. It’s particularly helpful for international companies that hire professionals from different parts of the globe or have customers in different countries, as it shows you can communicate effectively in languages other than your primary one.

Contact information

Your contact information is the most critical part of your Angular JS developer resume, as it ensures that recruiters and hiring managers can reach you for interviews. Include your first and last name, phone number, and email address at the top of your resume. You can also list your physical location, limiting it to just the city and country.

AngularJS resume sample

While the information above can help you design an effective job application, reviewing an Angular resume sample makes understanding additional critical details simpler, such as the formatting you’ll need. Ultimately, this AngularJS sample resume is just an example, so you can customize it to ensure it showcases you best. However, developer resume examples do make getting started easier, so make sure to review the Angular developer resume sample below before creating your own.


Lead Software Engineer


  • Mature software engineering professional with 11+ years of production experience, including 8+ in-depth experience in JavaScript
  • Good understanding and experience in implementation of JavaScript design patterns and frameworks (AngularJS, Angular)
  • Deep theoretical knowledge of OOP/OOD/SOLID/GRASP principles and solid experience in the development and implementation of web-based applications
  • Major area of expertise is data visualization and UI/UX
  • Vast knowledge and experience in Agile software development principles and practices
  • Proven ability to collect and analyze information, solve problems, and make responsible decisions
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines, self-motivated, conscientious, and responsible
  • Fluent in spoken and written English



  • Angular
  • Angular Material
  • RxJS
  • AJAX
  • ESLint
  • JavaScript
  • Redux
  • ngrx
  • AngularJS
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Jasmine
  • JetBrains WebStorm
  • NPM
  • Oracle VirtualBox
  • RequireJS
  • RubyOnRails
  • SQL
  • Sencha Ext JS
  • TypeScript
  • Webpack
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Apache Subversion
  • Bootstrap CSS

Engineering practices:

  • C programming
  • Visual composition

Leadership & management:

  • Scrum


April 2017 - now

Project Role: Team Lead, Developer

Customer Domain: Energy

Team size: 16 members


  • Designing front-end applications architecture
  • Development of web components
  • Participating in development of platform common components
  • Organizing tech talks and workshops
  • Presenting demos of team achievements
  • Developing contract and unit tests
  • Developing PoC for new platform of the application based on cutting-edge technologies
  • Participating in workshops as a lector and trainer

Database: MS SQL, Mongo, SQL Server

Tools: WebStorm, VisualStudio, TeamCity, PowerShell ISE, Git, PowerPoint, Angular Console

Technologies: TypeScript, AngularJS/Angular, NPM, D3, Redux/NgRx, SignalR, LESS, MVC .NET


MA in Information Technologies, Midwest Technological University, 2008


English native

Download our Angular CV template

While having AngularJS sample resumes to review is highly beneficial, working from an AngularJS resume template can streamline the creation of your own CV. If you’re looking for resume templates, here’s our free Angular CV template to get you started.

8 expert tips to boost your Angular developer CV

While the information above can help you create a strong Angular developer resume, embracing a few more best practices can help ensure that your application stands out from the pack. Additionally, it can help you navigate automated resume screeners more effectively, increasing the odds that your application makes it to the hiring manager or recruiter if their organization uses that technology.

Here are eight expert tips to boost your Angular developer CV.

“I don't recommend making your CV a flashy presentation or an interactive personal website. If you do such projects anyway, be sure to have an alternative CV in the usual pdf format with 1.5-2 pages of text.”

Mariia ZherlitsynaRecruiter, EPAM Anywhere

1. Choose the right structure

Generally, a hybrid resume structure works well for most Angular JS developer resumes. Start with your contact information, include your professional summary, then dive into the skills section. After that, get into your work experience and projects, and follow those with your education, training, and certificate sections.

If you’re a recent graduate with limited work experience who’s looking for an entry-level Angular developer job, you may benefit from putting your education above your work experience. That shows you have the critical credentials before moving into professional experience that doesn’t fully align with your new career.

2. Keep the format simple

When it comes to formatting, aim for readability. Keep the design simple, using professional fonts like Calibri, Cambria, or Arial. Use bold and font size changes to highlight section headers and separate achievements with bullet points. Avoid additions like tables or images, as those aren’t readable by many automated resume screeners.

Keep your margins at one inch, and make sure there’s suitable whitespace throughout the document. Finally, consider saving the resume as a PDF to avoid rendering errors when it’s opened.

3. Showcase your work outcomes while quantifying your impact

When you want to highlight your expertise, focusing on achievements that demonstrate the value you provide through proven results works best. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to see how you leverage your skills to ensure positive outcomes, which is far more impactful than simply listing your duties.

Additionally, quantify the details when possible. Numbers draw the eye, which makes your resume more engaging. Plus, the figures provide context regarding the value of your contributions, and that makes a big difference.

4. Use action verbs and keywords

Action verbs are far more compelling, making your resume seem more energetic. Words like “led,” “increased,” “earned,” and “reduced” define the actions you’ve taken, making your capabilities clearer.

For keywords, look for terms and phrases that outline the capabilities the recruiters and hiring managers want to see in candidates. Along with establishing you as a strong fit, these are the words most automated resume screeners are programmed to find. As a result, you’ll increase your odds of looking like a match to those technologies, too.

5. Customize your CV for each job application

Taking the time to align your CV with the job you’re trying to land can increase your odds of success. You can incorporate relevant keywords, adjust the achievements you discuss to better fit the opportunity, and otherwise speak directly to the needs of specific hiring managers or recruiters. That allows you to position yourself as the strongest fit for that particular job, which can lead to much greater success.

6. Include a cover letter

Writing an effective cover letter is worth doing, as it’s a chance to highlight why you’re an excellent fit for a role. However, don’t just restate what’s on your resume. Instead, focus on showcasing your capabilities in an in-depth way, providing more detail on a few achievements that won’t otherwise fit on your resume. Additionally, let your excitement for the opportunity shine through, as passion can be a real differentiator.

“I personally rarely see a cover letter, but even if there is one, it doesn't make much difference. The main information is contained in the CV. Nevertheless, the cover letter might have a big impact for certain positions.”

Mariia ZherlitsynaRecruiter, EPAM Anywhere

7. Include a link to your portfolio

Having a link to your portfolio lets you showcase more of your capabilities without ending up with a cumbersomely long resume. Plus, examples of your work make your value more apparent, as you’re showing a recruiter or hiring manager what you can do instead of merely telling them.

When possible, use a website-based portfolio over a presentation, as it’s easier to update as needed and is more engaging. Make sure the site is visually appealing, and always include direct samples of your work and the results you helped to achieve.

8. Use LinkedIn as your public CV

Including a link to your LinkedIn profile is beneficial, as LinkedIn can include more information than a resume can usually contain. As a result, it can serve as a supplement to your application, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to dig deeper.

Additionally, LinkedIn can serve as your public CV. By making it viewable, recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill positions may find you during their search for suitable professionals. Similarly, using it as a public resume could create opportunities to expand your network, which can lead to more opportunities.

Apply for an Angular developer job at EPAM Anywhere

Now that you’ve created your perfect Angular developer resume, it’s time to get your job search moving forward. We encourage you to apply for Angular remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere. By working with us, you’ll gain access to a wide array of resources and career opportunities. Plus, you’ll be a part of an enthusiastic community for Angular JS developers, giving you more ways to keep your career on the right track.

written byChief Editor, EPAM Anywhere

As Chief Editor, Darya works with our top technical and career experts at EPAM Anywhere to share their insights with our global audience. With 12+ years in digital communications, she’s happy to help job seekers make the best of remote work opportunities and build a fulfilling career in tech.

As Chief Editor, Darya works with our top technical and career experts at EPAM Anywhere to share their insights with our global audience. With 12+ years in digital communications, she’s happy to help job seekers make the best of remote work opportunities and build a fulfilling career in tech.

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