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Remote C++ Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

C++ has been around for over 50 years now. However, despite the brand new fast-growing programming languages, there are no signs it will move over any soon. As of now, C++ hits the top 10 top-ranked programming languages, and it remains demanding in the job market with a good salary and a vast list of C++ Software Developer jobs.

What secret ingredients stimulate the emergence of more on-site and remote C++ Developers who are willing to embrace this technology? There are several essentials nearly every Middle-to-Senior C++ Developer will enlist. C++ is continually evolving and adapted, which is especially important for hardware programming. Talking about hardware, it's one of the domains where C++ is used extremely widely: think microcontrollers, mobile devices, and nearly any other kind of hardware. One more reason for its popularity is that C++ is fast and can run on a whole bunch of platforms.

Core skills and technologies for remote C++ Developers

C++ software developer jobs remain popular, as technologies involving this programming language keep evolving. Hence, on-site and remote C++ Developers get increasingly demanded.

Here are essential hard skills required for Senior C++ Developers who want to stay ahead of the stiff competition with the other candidates:

  • High proficiency in C/C++ (Core & standard library)
  • Experience of work with Unix and Linux operating systems
  • A solid grasp of RDBMS databases (MongoDB and alike)
  • Hands-on SQL and NoSQL
  • Knowledge of JavaScript and XML
  • Proficiency in working with Eclipse, Visual Studio, and other integrated development environments
  • Ability to navigate across the testing tools and methodologies
  • Strong understanding of database administration
  • Ability to establish security and quality standards
  • Knowledge of code review process, release strategy, and other software development practices

What you will do as a remote C++ Developer

C++ Developers are responsible for building various tech solutions as well as desktop, mobile, and embedded applications. Other than that, C++ Developer jobs imply optimization, maintenance, and ensuring the quality of applications they build.

Here are the key responsibilities a remote C++ Developer deals with:

  • Creating analyzing and maintaining high-quality reusable C++ code
  • Implementing performance and quality standards
  • Detecting bottlenecks and finding ways to address them
  • Contributing to code organization and automatization
  • Preparing technical documentation and specifications

Explore C++ Software Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

With the high demand for Senior C++ Developers and the growing trend of working remotely, more and more companies open the opportunities for fully remote cooperation with IT professionals.

So, if you're exploring openings for remote C++ Developer positions, you're in the right place. On the EPAM Anywhere platform, you can find a vast number of jobs in superior enterprise-level companies. Just apply for C++ Developer jobs that look like a match to you, and land your dream career in one of our global projects.