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Golang Freelance Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Go became one of the most desirable languages to learn among beginner developers and savvy software engineers. According to the HackerEarth Developer Survey, this language stole leadership from Python and JavaScript.

Go is a relatively young language. It was created in 2009 by Google as an alternative for C and C++ languages that allowed them to create high-load applications within a shorter time frame. Golang Developers appreciate these benefits of Go:

  • A simple and laconic syntax that results in a low entry barrier for beginners.
  • Good performance.
  • Concurrent programming capabilities.
  • Being a compiled language that doesn't require an interpreter.
  • Package manager.

Today, Go is one of the most popular languages in Google's technology stack along with Python, Java, and C++. However, Google isn't the only company that creates their software in Go. Such state-of-the-art tech projects as Docker, Disney, Red Hat, Project Mobi, Kubernetes, and Prometheus write their solutions in this fast and convenient language.

As Go language gains traction, tech companies experience a lack of skilled Golang Developers. Here at EPAM Anywhere, we offer a variety of Go Developer remote jobs in game-changing tech projects. Being a part of EPAM Anywhere allows you to get a personal skills advisor, learn, get paid certification, be a part of a tech community, and keep a perfect work-life balance working remotely.

In the next section, we'll talk about key competencies for Go Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere.

Key skills for Go Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Go is a versatile language that allows building the back-end and front-end of networks, console utilities, web applications, and more. To keep up with these challenges, Golang Developers need a perfect command of Go (which is obvious), its packages, and the way the packages extend the language capabilities. Here are the other technical skills that will come in handy:

  • Knowledge of extra backend languages like C++ or Python.
  • Understanding of how the operating systems and network communication works.
  • Knowledge of version control systems like Git and SVN.
  • Command of search and sorting algorithms.
  • Experience with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux and Unix operating systems.
  • Experience with Docker.

Common soft skills for Go Developer jobs include excellent time management skills, team player skills, Agile methodologies and their practical application in projects, English language (at least B2), and presentation skills to communicate with external teams and clients.

Go Developer jobs: main responsibilities

Since Go language is actively used by Google and other tech corporations, there are many applications that need to be developed, upgraded, and maintained. In fact, application maintenance is one of the key duties of a Go Developer. Other typical tasks for Go Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere include:

  • Debugging of complex applications.
  • Development of a microservice architecture.
  • Work with the file system.
  • Development of multi-threaded applications.
  • Writing SQL queries and their optimization.
  • Application of OOP principles and common design patterns.
  • Work with Linux and the command line.

EPAM Anywhere is your reliable platform with Golang freelance developer jobs for any qualification level, skill set, and domain. From day one, we care about your professional development and provide you with a nice package of perks and bonuses. To learn more about our Golang freelance developer jobs, check the vacancies section!