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Gayane Hakobyan
written byContent Strategist, Remote Lifestyle & Career, EPAM Anywhere

With a focus on remote lifestyle and career development, Gayane shares practical insight and career advice that informs and empowers tech talent to thrive in the world of remote work.

With a focus on remote lifestyle and career development, Gayane shares practical insight and career advice that informs and empowers tech talent to thrive in the world of remote work.

When you’re crafting your Golang Developer resume, it is necessary to emphasize your experience in optimizing and developing Golang applications and showcase improvements in reliability, performance, and user satisfaction.

The resume should highlight your capability to collaborate with others in teams, write efficient code that increases processing speed and reduces bugs, as well as integrate applications with external systems.

In addition, use your resume to demonstrate how your work has directly or indirectly led to increased data accuracy and significant reductions in data retrieval time by showcasing your experience and expertise in database management and testing.

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Key Golang resume points to include

The following are the top Golang developer sections that you should focus on to make the best resume:

  • Header
  • Professional summary
  • Experience (with results and numbers)
  • Education and certifications


There are a few red flags, tips, and best practices that you should consider when composing a header for a Golang resume.

Add a link to your portfolio in your header. Although most companies may require you to include the link, even if they don’t, it’s still a perfect way of directly showing them the projects that you’re proudest of.

Try to stick to popular email providers like Outlook and Gmail. If you need to, you can use any of the following professional formats to create your username:

  • last.first@gmail.com
  • first.last@gmail.com
  • first.l@gmail.com
  • f.last@gmail.com.

Use the following tips and reminders as a checklist for your Golang resume header:

  • Your surname and name should be in a large and legible font
  • Make your current job title or the job title you’re applying for the subheading to your name
  • Add a link to your portfolio or online profile, like LinkedIn, to your header
  • Address (city and state for the US; only city for other places)
  • Email address
  • Headshot


The traditional formula for a resume summary is as follows:

[Adjective] [job title] in [industry] with [number] years of experience, with solid abilities in [relevant, quantifiable skills], and a background in [appropriate context] seeking a position as [the job title that you’re applying for].

Ensure that you tick off the following list when preparing your Golang developer resume summary:

  • Include the total years of experience
  • State the industry that you’re coming from
  • Include at least one remarkable accomplishment that has helped turn you into a great professional
  • Use short sentences that add value while avoiding filler words and phrases


Including quantitative data throughout your Golang resume will impress the hiring manager. Make use of objective facts and figures. They will effectively show off your competency as an audit manager.

For instance, did you manage a large team? Reduce the costs of audits? Boost efficiency? Demonstrate all this by showing off real numbers.

Use the following action verbs in your experience section to make an impression and pass the initial screening:



















Here are some Golang resume points for your experience section:

  • Use between 3 to 7 bullet points per position
  • Make sure each experience is relevant to what you’re applying
  • Showcase the critical situations that you handled well, the responsibilities you had, and the results
  • Show that you’re willing and able to take on challenges
  • Include measurable numbers in any form you prefer

Education and certifications

Your resume should highlight your education, courses, and certifications.

There exist dozens of certifications that a Golang Developer can claim. However, some are just more effective than others. As such, you shouldn’t include every certificate other applicants may have, and should instead try to earn and list a few of the ones considered difficult.

Here’s what to include in your education and certifications sections:

  • Start with your highest education degree, followed by the rest in descending order. Include the institution, course, and duration.
  • Add the courses and certifications that helped you acquire additional expertise.
  • Include any awards that you received as part of your education.

Most essential skills in a Golang resume

For the skills section of your resume, you should match your hard skills to the job description. Make use of keywords to increase your chances of passing the applicant tracking systems.

Instead of listing soft skills such as ‘teamwork’, try and mention how you’ve used them to gain success in another section of your resume. Lastly, you should only list the skills that you actually have. To know more about how to add examples, you can look at our Golang resume example below.

The following are skills that you must have and others that would be nice to have on your Golang developer resume.

Must-have skills:

The following are skills that you must possess in order to be a Golang developer and should, therefore, appear in your resume:

Hard skills

  • Golang programming language
  • Concurrency and parallelism
  • RESTful API design and development
  • Web development frameworks (e.g. Gin, Echo)
  • Database management (e.g. SQL, NoSQL)
  • Containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Debugging and troubleshooting
  • Cloud computing platforms (e.g. AWS, GCP)

Soft skills

  • Creative problem-solving
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Analytical thinking
  • Self-learning
  • Time management

Nice-to-have skills:

Other skills are not a requirement for a Golang developer but are still relevant, and including them in your resume may give you an added advantage. They include:

  • Other programming languages like Java, NodeJS, Python, C, and C++
  • Performance optimization
  • Cloud-native development
  • Microservices architecture
  • Security

How to showcase Golang projects in a resume

It is always a good idea to include a few small to medium-sized Golang projects for resume betterment. They will show that you have a variety of skills as well as demonstrate that you can run a project from start to finish.

However, you should remember that it’s not just the project that matters but also how you present it, the problems you solved during the development process, how you explain the technical aspects, and how you highlight your contributions.

You can present your projects in the best light by including the projects relevant to the job you’re applying for and using the context-action-result (CAR) framework when describing your projects, highlighting the context, actions you took, and the results you achieved.

You can also provide the project details, like its name, duration, tools, technologies used, and a few bullet points about what you accomplished and learned. If you’re permitted, you can also consider linking to your project's GitHub repository for reviewers to explore further.

The following are a few examples of projects that you can add to your Golang developer resume:

  1. A RESTful API: Building this project using Go is an excellent way of demonstrating that you understand the web development of the Go language. This may include well-liked frameworks like Echo or Gin and databases such as MongoDB and MySQL.
  2. A distributed system: Distributed systems are becoming more common every day. Therefore, building one through Go shows that you understand networking, concurrency, and performance. Create a message queue, a key-value store, or a distributed task scheduler to showcase this skill.
  3. A web scraper: Scraping data from web pages is complex. It can, however, showcase your understanding of web development, handling HTTP requests, and parsing HTML.
  4. A game: Building a game in Go demonstrates your understanding of game development, performance, and graphics.

You can also list other projects like a machine learning model, a chatbot, a test automation tool, a blockchain, etc.

GoLang developer resume samples by seniority

Resume sample #1: Middle-level Golang developer


Golang developer


  • Software development engineer with 4 years of practical experience in the complete software development life cycle, including requirement analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation.
  • Proficient in developing RESTful web services and microservices using Golang.
  • Skilled in using data serialization tools, such as Protobuf.
  • Experienced designing, implementing, and deploying cloud-based applications using cloud platforms and Docker.
  • Adept in setting up full CI/CD pipelines.
  • Well-versed in writing SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, and functions using PL/pgSQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Skilled in creating database schemas with complex entity relationships.
  • Familiar with Agile and SCRUM methodologies for project delivery.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and a self-motivated, hardworking individual who can work independently and in a team.


Engineering practices:

  • Golang applications debugging
  • Golang applications testing
  • Golang basic syntax
  • Golang data encoding
  • Golang functions
  • Golang general information
  • Golang interfaces
  • Golang structures & methods
  • Unit testing
  • CI/CD
  • Golang applications development
  • Golang metaprogramming
  • Golang networking programming
  • Golang packages
  • Golang types
  • Golang variables & constants
  • Version control principles
  • APIs and integration
  • Cloud
  • Concurrency
  • DevOps
  • Electrical engineering
  • Go development in AWS


  • Asterisk
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub
  • Jira
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Redmine
  • SMS
  • Web services
  • Elastic Stack
  • JetBrains DataGrip
  • JetBrains PyCharm
  • Redis Pub/Sub
  • RethinkDB
  • StackExchange Redis
  • TIBCO Software Spotfire
  • Tesseract OCR
  • Databases
  • DigitalOcean
  • Docker
  • Firebase
  • Go language
  • GraphQL
  • HTML
  • HTML/CSS Markup
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sentry
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Git
  • Gitlab CI

Soft skills:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Social intelligence


[project / customer name]

Jan 2021 - present

Project Role: Backend Developer

Customer Domain: Retail & Distribution

Team size: 15


  • Refining user stories.
  • Designing backend tasks and user stories.
  • Crafting and producing scalable, high-performance applications using the GO language.
  • Working in tandem with fellow developers and designers to collate project specifics and pinpoint technical approaches.
  • Penning neat, well-structured, and sustainable code in line with software best practices and sector benchmarks.
  • Writing and maintaining automated tests to ensure high code quality and prevent regressions
  • Drafting comprehensive documentation and ADRs to ensure clarity and informed decision-making in the development process.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging production issues and providing timely resolutions.
  • Participating in code reviews, providing constructive feedback, and mentoring junior developers.
  • Participating in agile development processes, including sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retrospective meetings.

Database: Cloud SQL, Snowflake

Tools: Golang, Go Swagger, Figma, Keyclok, Azure DevOps, JIRA, Confluence, OpenAPI, Google Console (Workloads, Kubernetes Engine, Logs Explorer, Cloud Armour)

Technologies: Go, Swagger, Docker, AIM, Keycloak, JWT authorization and authentication, RBAC, Distributed systems, Snowflake, Cloud SQL


BA in Artificial Intelligence, 2017


  • SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP NetWeaver 7.0
  • SAP Certified Application Professional - Modeling and Data Management with SAP BW 7.3 & SAP BI 4.0
  • Certified Project Manager (IPMA Project Manager, Certificate level C)


English C1

Spanish Native

Resume sample #2: Senior Golang developer


Senior Golang developer


  • Result-oriented and highly motivated IT professional offering over 6 years of experience in the IT industry with a focus on software development based on the best IT practices.
  • Proficient in design, build, release, maintenance, and improvement of the high load, scalable, and flexible web applications for any business needs.
  • Proven ability to design, organize, and supervise management and monitoring of business-critical systems.
  • Excellent communication (written and oral) and collaboration skills, high attention to detail, and excellent analytical skills. Proven ability to work efficiently as a member of cross-functional multicultural teams distributed globally.
  • An experienced mentor who worked with developers of various levels and those who changed the programming language to the one necessary for the project.

Strong theoretical knowledge and versatile experience in:

  • Investigating production issues and problems, analyzing root causes, suggesting and implementing possible solutions and workarounds;
  • Deploying, testing, and implementing complex code bases with multiple applications, environments, and versions;
  • Reviewing, merging, refactoring, checking quality, and test coverage of code base.
  • Tracking complex, release, and environment issues, analyzing and documenting build, packaging, and distribution systems, and troubleshooting build/release/tests.


Engineering practices:

  • Golang applications development
  • Golang basic syntax
  • Golang concurrent programming
  • Golang functions
  • Golang interfaces
  • Golang structures & methods
  • Golang variables & constants
  • Golang applications debugging
  • Golang applications testing
  • Golang general information
  • Golang packages
  • Golang types
  • Golang for distributed systems
  • Golang/distributed systems
  • Refactoring
  • Static code analysis
  • Testing fundamentals
  • Unit testing
  • Code review
  • SDLC methodologies


  • Go language
  • AWS simple queue service
  • Amazon documentDB
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Git
  • GitHub Actions
  • Gitlab
  • JetBrains GoLand
  • Kubernetes
  • NoSQL tools
  • RDBMS tools
  • Redis
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Apache Kafka
  • ClickHouse
  • Codefresh
  • Docker
  • Elasticsearch
  • GraphQL
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis Pub/Sub
  • TeamCity

Soft skills:

  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Ownership
  • Team management


[project / customer name]

May 2021 - present

Project Role: Backend developer

Customer Domain: Telecommunication

Team size: 10


  • Created service chassis for internal use and horizontal scaling.
  • Created data consumer for data from: Event Hub (by Kafka GoLang driver), Oracle (by migrations), XLS files.
  • Wrote unit tests with 90%+ coverage and end-to-end tests.
  • I created a real admin panel to view, create, and change data.
  • Realized downstream system for clients to get informed of any changes made in data by our platform.

Database: PostgreSQL

Tools: Golang, Docker, Docker Compose, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, Event Hub, Oracle, Octa Kafka


MA in Electronics, 2019


English B2

Portuguese Native

Resume sample #3: Lead Golang developer


Lead Golang developer


Lead software engineer with more than 10 years in software development. Proficient in Go language with Python as a secondary language.

  • Have solid hands-on experience in software architecture and DevOps.
  • Main skills: Go language, DevOps, AWS, Terraform


Engineering practices:

  • Go development in AWS
  • Unit testing
  • PostgreSQL
  • C++ program organization and build steps
  • C++ STL containers, iterators, algorithms
  • Cloud
  • Application architecture
  • Architecture design
  • Automation using scripting and programming languages
  • CLI development
  • Clean design
  • Code review
  • DevOps
  • Golang applications configuration
  • Golang networking programming
  • SDLC methodologies
  • Secure SDLC in software engineering
  • Service architecture
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Software design


  • Go language
  • Terraform
  • Terragrunt
  • Amazon Elastic Container Service
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Azure CLI
  • GCP API Platform and Ecosystems
  • Git
  • Google Cloud Talent Solutions API
  • Jira
  • Microsoft Entra ID
  • Redis
  • Regular expressions
  • SQL
  • UML
  • AWS CodeBuild
  • AWS CodeDeploy
  • AWS CodePipeline
  • AWS Lambda
  • Amazon EC2
  • Azure App Configuration
  • Azure Bastion
  • Docker
  • Gitlab
  • Google Cloud Auto ML
  • Jenkins
  • Azure Web Application Firewall
  • Microsoft Sentinel
  • PostgreSQL
  • Selenium
  • AWS IoT Greengrass
  • TIBCO Software Spotfire
  • AWS containers
  • OpenAPI Specification (OAS)
  • RDBMS tools
  • Security Protocols and Standards
  • Visual Studio

Leadership & soft skills:

  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Developing others
  • Creating team climate
  • Professional development planning
  • Team management


[project / customer name]

June 2019 - present

Project Role: Architect

Customer Domain: Business Information and Media

Team size: 20


  • Designed system architecture and service composition, and participated in its implementation.
  • Created CI/CD and IaC for an AWS infrastructure.
  • Guided on-prem and intro cloud migration.
  • Designed self-service portal for partner teams to integrate with the product.
  • Participated in all SDLC phases

Database: DynamoDB, Redis

Technologies: AWS, Docker, Go language, Python, Terraform


MA in Computer Science, 2018


Certified AWS & GCP Professional Solution Architect


English C1

Spanish Native

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Gayane Hakobyan
written byContent Strategist, Remote Lifestyle & Career, EPAM Anywhere

With a focus on remote lifestyle and career development, Gayane shares practical insight and career advice that informs and empowers tech talent to thrive in the world of remote work.

With a focus on remote lifestyle and career development, Gayane shares practical insight and career advice that informs and empowers tech talent to thrive in the world of remote work.

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