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Software Engineer jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Software Engineers.


Competitive compensation

Competitive compensation

We back all payments and operate in compliance with country-specific labor regulations. Your annual paycheck can range from $15k to $200k.


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Make use of 1,500+ online and location-specific benefits across 30+ countries that also include healthcare and sports programs for you and your family.


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Freelance Software Engineering Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Demand for skilled Senior Software Engineers is constantly growing. In the US, it's estimated that the number of software engineering vacancies will increase by 21% by 2028.

Software Engineers are one of the key, decision-making roles in the IT field. Put it simply, programmers or developers mainly write code while full-stack Software Engineers act like problem solvers. Before actually performing a task, they look for the most viable and feasible technical solutions and think ahead to develop apps that'll be easy to maintain and update in the future.

Remote software engineering jobs at EPAM Anywhere require hands-on experience and knowledge of computer science, software engineering, and back-end programming languages to understand client requirements and turn them into tasks, come up with complex solutions, and predict possible issues. Full-stack Software Engineers play a critical role in new projects or projects with changing requirements. Thus, they act as technical advisors and project managers for the development team.

On the EPAM Anywhere platform, we offer freelance software engineering vacancies in worldwide-renown projects. It's like working for EPAM, but completely on a remote basis and with an opportunity to keep a perfect work-life balance. If you're interested in finding out more about remote software engineering jobs on our platform, read on. We'll introduce you to key responsibilities, competencies, and benefits of joining EPAM Anywhere as a Senior Software Engineer.

Key responsibilities of a Full-stack Software Engineer

The role of a Lead Software Engineer includes not just coding, but also lots of communication with a development team and other specialists like QA Engineers and UX Designers. Soft skills like business communication, conflict handling, and time management are a must in a senior-level software engineering position.

Typical responsibilities for a Lead Software Engineer:

  • Analysis of the feasibility of proposed solutions and pieces of functionality by stakeholders and the development team.
  • Coming up with viable technical solutions and their documentation.
  • Ensuring the integrity of the developed solution by all team members and stakeholders, maintaining specifications in the actual state, ensuring compliance with programming best practices and coding standards.
  • Continuous monitoring and study of new software development tools and methods.

Core skills and technologies for remote software engineering jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A typical software engineering vacancy requires candidates to be able to demonstrate specific knowledge of mathematics and programming, the ability to conduct primary system analysis, and code in some of the popular backend languages like Ruby or PHP.

Other must-have skills include:

  • Technical design skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of the OOP design principles.
  • Analytical mindset.
  • Soft skills like teamwork, leadership, and communication.

Why become a Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere is a perfect place to join a software engineering position and boost your career to more complex, highly-paid occupations like software architect or computer scientist. From our end, we do everything possible to help you grow professionally in a variety of startup and enterprise-level projects.

For example, we offer unlimited access to learning courses that include LinkedIn learning, EPAM training courses, English classes, and the internal library. We also provide certification support and training to help you prove your competency and skills.

Working on a full-time remote basis, you'll get all the corporate benefits of EPAM and competitive compensation based on your experience and skills. Check out our freelance software engineering jobs and join the community of 38,000+ industry’s top professionals!