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Software Engineer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 19 September 2022

A software engineer is a multidisciplinary specialist who develops applications and uses various methodologies in their work. The latter include mathematical algorithms, engineering methods, and informatics methodologies. Let's look at a typical job description template a specialist may encounter. This will allow company recruiters to quickly prescribe all the vacancies' responsibilities, requirements, skills, and duties.

Software Engineer Job Description Template

Engineering professionals are involved in the entire life cycle of software that is required to program a computer to perform specific tasks. The job description of a software engineer includes maintaining projects of various sizes from the planning stages to support after commissioning.

Software Engineer Job Requirements

To get a job, a specialist must meet the following software engineer job requirements:

  1. Master's or bachelor's degree in computer technology
  2. Work experience in this position or a related field
  3. Ability to write reports and maintain documentation
  4. Practical and theoretical knowledge of several programming languages
  5. Knowledge of testing and automation tools
  6. Knowledge of various methodologies of programming languages
  7. Ability to manage the entire project
  8. Practical coding skills
  9. Ability to write clean and scalable code for reuse
  10. At least superficial knowledge of DevOps
  11. Experience with different repositories, frameworks, and databases

General requirements for a software engineer will depend on a specialist’s level of competence. Novice engineers usually come to work immediately after the learning process, which requires a long adaptation to work and the development of practical skills. They often do not need anything other than basic knowledge and some practice. Intermediate professionals almost always need the list of requirements described above. Senior engineers must not only be ready to carry out the entire project, they often take on the role of manager. Their experience allows them to manage an entire department of younger colleagues.

Software Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

Typically, professionals perform the following software engineer roles and responsibilities:

  1. Analyze the target audience to find the best solutions
  2. Develop software from scratch
  3. Write scalable code
  4. Analyze trends to employ modern and efficient technologies
  5. Cooperate with clients
  6. Test at different stages of software development
  7. Search for and correct errors at different stages
  8. Create proper documentation and reports on work done
  9. Implement performance specifications
  10. Write actionable scripts
  11. Determine system reliability
  12. Search for possible risks
  13. Analyze existing systems and products to create plans for their improvement
  14. Integrate technological updates at the creation stage and after release
  15. Provide high-quality results within the stated time frame
  16. Create a project that will satisfy all the technical needs of the customer

The full list of responsibilities varies depending on the goals of the companies. They may need more narrowly focused specialists, which will be reflected in the job description under the vacancy.

Software Engineer Soft Skills

Companies often require from a specialist not only technical skills but also certain soft skills, including efficient and creative problem solving, stress resistance, attention to detail, and a positive attitude toward edits and corrections.

Software Engineer Duties

A software engineer usually does not work alone. They are part of a whole organism, where each specialist makes an invaluable contribution to achieving the best results. A specialist’s colleagues include programmers, engineers, and other IT professionals. This is why excellent communication skills and the ability to delegate tasks are important soft skills for a software engineer to have.