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Front End Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
2 min readpublished 25 April 2022updated 19 September 2022

For many years, front-end development has been a promising and exciting profession. Specialists become real liaisons between the technological part of the software and its user-facing part.

The following front-end developer job description template contains all the necessary details. The following is a ready-made description that will help anyone looking for a first-class employee meeting the requirements of the profession or who’s set to create an effective resume for a job.

Front-end developer requirements

To perform their duties according to the job description, the specialist must meet the expectations of the company and the following front-end developer requirements:

  1. A bachelor’s or master’s qualification in computer technology
  2. 2+ years experience in a similar position
  3. excellent coding experience with different languages
  4. Basic knowledge of SEO
  5. Experience with tools for debugging and development automation
  6. The ability to create a scalable software structure
  7. Knowledge of deployment tools
  8. Good knowledge of all development trends

Job descriptions often indicate that the specialist must make the final product easy for users of different ages. To do this, they often need to conduct testing to evaluate the site's operation or web application from the user’s standpoint. To do this, a front-end developer should have the skills to create and run various tests.

Front-end developer responsibilities

What is a front-end developer? This narrow specialist creates the front end of applications and websites. Their job includes creating the entire product skeleton and incorporating all the necessary components into it — from menu buttons to search bar elements. In addition, the job description states that front-end developer responsibilities include communication with clients to build a strategy and plan a project according to their requirements.

The front-end developer solves the problem of optimizing applications and sites for various devices and their versions. They also test their work to evaluate whether they comply with the stated rules.

In addition to participating in developing web applications and websites, front-end developer duties include working in conjunction with other developers, on-site or remotely. When working with other professionals, it is important that the specialist knows how to ask for help at the right time and provide it to those who need it. Only healthy team relationships lead to better results.

Front-end developer roles and responsibilities

The main front-end developer roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Taking a product from the general idea to completion
  2. Communication with the customer to discuss the details of the project
  3. Development of the site or web application
  4. Planning the implementation of various technologies in the product
  5. Selection of optimal tools for performing tasks
  6. Using automation tools to speed up work
  7. Coding in one or more programming languages
  8. Search and correction of possible errors
  9. Product support and updates
  10. Site/web application scaling
  11. Introduction of various features into the product, from design solutions to video and audio content
  12. Open access to the product for different types of devices and their versions

The front-end developer is responsible for compiling reports on the work performed and handing over the project to the client.

Front-end developer skills

In addition to technical skills, managers often require additional front-end developer skills from candidates. Most often, there are several of them:

  1. Sociability
  2. Experience of working in teams
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Stress tolerance
  5. Good handling of criticism

The front-end developer should constantly strive to gain new knowledge, follow and be aware of all recent trends and properly organize their workplace. We have analyzed the standard job descriptions to come up with the one above. Feel free to use it for your purposes.

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