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Java Tester jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Year over a year the number of Test Automation Engineers working with Java is growing across the globe. Java remains an increasingly popular programming language shaping the core back-end technology for many large corporations, and at the same time providing a robust tech stack to QA Engineers. Among the key Java benefits, there's an opportunity to work with a cross-platform operating system, access free and mature tools for writing tests, and beyond.

To place your head and shoulders over the competition against other QA Engineers searching for exciting projects, you need to keep up with tools, frameworks, and skills, required for in-house automated testing in Java. We've put together the essentials you need to know if you'd like to join a team as an onsite or QA Automation Engineer with Java.

Core skills and technologies required for automated testing in Java Tester jobs

Taking into account high competition, expectations from Java QA Automation Engineers are pretty high as well. Here's a set of hards skills a seasoned candidate should obtain:

  • Knowledge of database development
  • Hands-on functional testing fundamentals, test cases development, desktop test automation, and API testing
  • A solid grasp of Java test automation tools: WebDriver, HttpClient, RestAssured
  • Sound knowledge of BDD frameworks: Cucumber, JBehave, Serenity
  • Fluency with Maven, Gradle, and other build tools
  • Ability to navigate Java third-party libraries: Apache Commons, Java Logging Libraries, JSON for Java

As soft skills are equally crucial for career development just as the knowledge of technologies, an Automated Testing Engineer in Java needs to develop the following competencies:

  • Ability to establish relationships and be a good team player
  • Building effective communication with customer and teammates, and expressing thoughts coping with clarity and argumentation
  • Willingness for continuous learning
  • Aptitude for stress tolerance and self-management
  • Being open to contribute to people's development through mentoring and mastering their own emotional intelligence
  • Readiness to make decisions

What you will do as Java Tester

As a competent Java QA Automation Engineer, you'll be accountable for preparing automation tests and solving problems related to them. Along with that, you'll be responsible for:

  • Creating test automation scripts and automating software validation
  • Ensuring the quality of software and its compliance with architectural requirements
  • Detecting any issues and bugs and looking for ways to solve and eliminate them through testing
  • Cooperating with software developers, analysts, and other QA Automation Engineers with Java to come up with solutions
  • Continuously tracking the test progress and preparing reports

Explore opportunities for Java Testers

QA Automation Engineers with Java are in high demand these days. To land the dream job in a promising and challenging project, we suggest checking-up if you have the skills and knowledge a QA Automation Engineer with Java should have, and take a look at available job opportunities on EPAM Anywhere platform! Even if you think you still need to improve some skills, do not hesitate and apply. We'll be happy to find your right-match project.