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Javascript Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
2 min readpublished 25 April 2022updated 19 September 2022

A JavaScript developer specializes in developing web applications and websites using JS. Part of their job description also includes implementing finished products on different types of platforms. They work alongside internal and external developers to see their projects to completion and ensure that they are in compliance with the project parameters. 

To help you better understand what a JavaScript developer does, we’ve organized and prepared for you this comprehensive Javascript developer job description template.

JavaScript developer requirements

Companies most often require the following JavaScript developer requirements from specialists:

  1. A bachelor's or master's qualification in computer science
  2. 2+ years experience in a similar position
  3. Expert coding skills
  4. Comprehensive knowledge of JS
  5. Ability to create high-level software
  6. Experience with various JS libraries
  7. Experience with browser markups and compilers
  8. Ability to work with interface tools
  9. Experience in creating complex web applications and sites
  10. The ability to find optimal modifications and integrate them into the product
  11. Knowledge of responsive design
  12. Experience in Agile development
  13. Knowledge of web markup
  14. Ability to assemble the interface
  15. Ability to present the finished product 

Some JavaScript developer job descriptions also require that the specialist be able to collaborate with a team of developers. That is, an experienced specialist can partially distribute project tasks to other team members and help them with their implementation.

JavaScript developer responsibilities

The primary role of a JavaScript developer is to create web applications, sites, and software aimed at improving the user experience using modern approaches and technological solutions. Additionally, the JavaScript developer job description typically includes working on projects already in development that require further updates and modifications.

JavaScript developer roles and responsibilities

The main JavaScript developer roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Planning a project that meets the needs of the customer
  2. Market research and search for best practices for implementation
  3. Development of a full life cycle of a software solution
  4. Choosing the most suitable tools for the job
  5. Creation of a complete software life cycle
  6. Integration of various services necessary to improve the quality of the final product
  7. Debugging applications and websites
  8. Working with various frameworks and libraries
  9. Test planning
  10. Creation of interesting and new technological projects
  11. Creating and running tests to evaluate code quality
  12. Reporting and documentation
  13. Introduction of best practices into work
  14. Performance improvement
  15. Implementation of updates
  16. Use of process automation tools
  17. Writing code for reuse with the ability to scale
  18. Dinding errors and fixing them

The responsibilities of a JavaScript specialist also include optimizing web applications and sites to achieve high loading speeds and scalability.

JavaScript developer skills

A JavaScript developer almost always works with a team of individuals in related professions who take part in the creation of products with them. This requires that JavaScript specialists be able to work alongside several other employees. To meet the expectations of company leaders, a specialist will need the following personal attributes:

  1. Sociability
  2. Stress tolerance
  3. The desire to make a truly perfect product
  4. Calm attitude in response to adjustments
  5. Attention to detail
  6. The ability to manage time responsibly

Even though we’ve covered the classic job description for a JavaScript developer, every individual role will be somewhat different depending on the needs of the company. If you are a recruiter writing out a job posting, be sure to spell out the intricacies of the responsibilities, roles, and requirements that await your ideal candidate. If you are a specialist preparing a resume, be sure to include your professional qualities that will prove your expertise with all JavaScript developer responsibilities, even if they seem redundant or irrelevant.

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