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Ruby on Rails Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 10 February 2023

Ruby on Rails Developer is responsible for data management between users and the server, writing clean, scalable, and high-quality code and creation of a complete life cycle of applications. Ruby on Rails (RoR) has become a popular programming language ​​due to its high development speed. Despite its similarity to Python, it is not capable of handling large amounts of data. In many other ways, the language still deserves attention in the developer profession.

Ruby on Rails developers know how to work with RoR as productively as possible. We have collected the most important qualification requirements in a single Ruby ​​on Rails developer job description template. This will help recruiters find the right candidates for the job, and make it easier for professionals to create a detailed resume for job applications.

Responsibilities of Ruby on Rails Developer

We have identified several primary Ruby on Rails developer responsibilities that are most often found in job descriptions:

  1. Data management between users and the server
  2. Writing clean, scalable, and high-quality code
  3. Creation of a complete life cycle of applications
  4. Implementation of updates after the application is put into operation
  5. Testing at different levels
  6. Search and correction of possible errors
  7. Adding technologies developed by other team members to the application
  8. Work in the API

In the Ruby on Rails developer job description, responsibilities come first in the form of automating the processes of creating an application, linking them to servers, and creating internal components.

Requirements of Ruby on Rails Developer

To get any job, you must meet the expectations of the company. In the Ruby on Rails developer profession, it is important to meet these following requirements:

  1. Strong coding skills
  2. A Master's or Bachelor's degree in computer technology
  3. More than 2 years of experience working with Ruby on Rails or in a related specialty
  4. Ability to work with various libraries
  5. Deep knowledge of the entire architecture and syntax of Ruby
  6. Knowledge of the OOP
  7. Ownership of front-end development
  8. Database maintenance skills
  9. At least superficial knowledge of interface technologies
  10. Experience with CSS and templating languages
  11. Ability to work with code versioning tools
  12. Knowledge of various concepts
  13. Possession of testing tools
  14. The ability to combine several data sources simultaneously into one

Ruby on Rails developer requirements also include integrating various elements that other developers have created into the product.

Roles and responsibilities of Ruby on Rails Developer

The main Ruby roles that a specialist must be able to take on are:

  1. The ability to become part of a team where each member plays a role to solve one common problem
  2. The ability to compose a complete life cycle of Ruby code
  3. Responsibility for the fulfillment of assigned tasks
  4. Creation of safe technologies
  5. Minimization of resources for creating applications
  6. Responsibility for the correct operation of the developed server logic
  7. Maximum reduction in time spent on product creation

We have organized these common Ruby on Rails developer responsibilities to assist professionals in this specialty, and we hope you will use them to find jobs, and create suitable CVs and cover letters for the position.

Ruby on Rails Developer Skills

In addition to professional qualities, many managers pay attention to the soft skills of Ruby on Rails developers. These include purposefulness, the ability to be part of a large development team, stress resistance, and the desire to improve in professional life. All expectations for the right candidate depend on the hiring company itself, therefore they are subject to change in each unique case.