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Senior Business Analyst Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 10 November 2022

A senior business analyst is the main link in matters of choosing the feasibility of introducing technologies and various processes into the project. They are responsible for the conformity of the product to the client’s stated requirements. To do this, the specialist first communicates with the client, analyzes requests, proposes a project plan to the manager, and distributes tasks between their subordinates or employees of other departments. 

We have prepared a ready-made template with a senior business analyst job description to make it easier for you to create a vacancy or a resume. We will also discuss the responsibilities and requirements of this specialist. 

In their work, a senior business analyst has to interact daily with a large number of related specialists and participate in the creation of new products and the improvement of existing projects in terms of their manufacturability. This professional will also need managerial skills.

Senior Business Analyst responsibilities

The daily responsibilities of a senior business analyst, based on the job description, include project analysis and the search for suitable technologies for its implementation. Most often a senior BA works on the creation of new products from different niches and also improves finished projects. Their responsibilities also include:

  1. Delegating tasks to employees
  2. Creating a work plan for improvement
  3. Searching for the most suitable technologies
  4. Assessing current business problems
  5. Implementing recommendations to improve business processes

In addition, the senior business analyst will need to serve as a mentor. Often junior colleagues will need their help and advice.

Senior Business Analyst requirements

The main roles of a senior business analyst are to build healthy working relationships, establish all processes and achieve optimal results that meet the wishes of the client. Their requirements include the following:

  1. A recognized business analysis certification
  2. 5+ years of experience in a similar position
  3. Deep knowledge of business processes
  4. Knowledge of the latest innovations
  5. Ability to manage projects
  6. Knowledge of business intelligence tools
  7. Knowledge of automation tools
  8. Ability to develop strategies and maintain documentation and reporting

Senior business analysts must interact closely with company representatives. Otherwise, it would be impossible to conduct a deep analysis of the processes and build a work strategy.

Senior Business Analyst roles and responsibilities

In order to provide high-quality analysis of business processes and prepare reports with expert recommendations, the specialist must meet the following senior business analyst roles and responsibilities:

  1. Conducting different types of analysis at all levels of business
  2. Search for optimal implementations to improve the product
  3. Preparing reports on the work results
  4. Making recommendations for changes to the project

The list of requirements is very different from the company in which the vacancy is open. So, specialists may encounter additional requests that are needed in a narrow niche. To really meet all the expectations of future leadership, we recommend that you write down all your skills and duties. Maybe something that seems unimportant will help you get a position.

Senior Business Analyst soft skills

Technical skills are the foundation without which it would be impossible to achieve results in the IT field, but strong personal qualities are also important, especially the following:

  1. Organization
  2. Time management
  3. Quick decision making
  4. Stress tolerance
  5. Ability to work remotely
  6. Business conversation skills

We have analyzed the main senior BA job description. Now you are more familiar with all the nuances of the senior business analyst position. We hope this will help you on your professional path.