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Senior Data Engineer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 14 April 2023

Senior Data Engineer is responsible for creating effective technological solutions for work with big data. They are also responsible for managing a team of specialists in their field and related IT professions. In addition, their roles include quality control of the work performed. Let's learn more about all the job descriptions and analyze the finished template with the primary responsibilities, requirements, skills, and duties of a candidate for the position of senior Data Engineer.

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Responsibilities of Senior Data Engineer

Senior Data Engineer is a technical specialty whose specialist should be engaged in designing, developing, and maintaining systems for various purposes necessary for data processing. According to the job description, the main one of their responsibilities is to provide a product for efficient and reliable data management, from data collection and storage to processing and analysis. The specialist also does the following:

  1. Takes full control over the execution of all tasks
  2. Is responsible for the training and development of their subordinates
  3. Negotiates with clients
  4. Accepts tasks from management and the client
  5. Ensures product safety
  6. Integrates all components necessary for high quality
  7. System testing
  8. Search for errors with further adjustments
  9. Project presentation
  10. Prepares documentation
  11. Integrates updates and improvements after launch

Depending on the company, the complete list of these obligations may change significantly, because everyone has their own expectations for the Senior Data Engineer qualification.

Requirements of Senior Data Engineer

A Senior Data Engineer does have a lot of responsibilities. To fulfill them, you must meet certain requirements:

  1. Rich experience with high-performance systems
  2. Ability to design system architecture
  3. Impeccable coding skills
  4. Ability to distribute tasks among team members
  5. Higher education with a bachelor's / master's degree in technology
  6. Ability to create products for testing
  7. Work experience of more than 5 years
  8. Solid knowledge of libraries
  9. Relational database skills
  10. Experience with cloud platforms
  11. Experience in implementing large-scale projects

This is only a part of the requirements that are most often written in the job description for the position. Be prepared to lead projects in their entirety and correctly convey all information on the project to the management and the customer. To do this, you will definitely need leadership skills and the ability to work with a whole team of specialists.

Roles and responsibilities of Senior Data Engineer

In general, the position of Senior Data Engineer implies the search for the most effective technological solutions for interacting with large amounts of data. Therefore, its roles include the following:

  1. Receiving an order from a client, collecting a list of all expectations and other nuances of negotiations
  2. Planning the product and project implementation
  3. Distribution of tasks
  4. Creating scalable and efficient storage solutions
  5. Search for errors and testing
  6. Delivery of the project and presentation
  7. Project support in the future

At all stages of performing duties in the position of Senior Data Engineer, you need to correctly prioritize and be ready to manage several projects at the same time.

Senior Data Engineer skills

Any position also needed general skills and duties. It is very important for a Senior Data Engineer to:

  1. Be goal-oriented and attentive
  2. Skillfully identify the main and secondary tasks
  3. Organize the work space
  4. Be able to properly manage their time and the time of subordinates
  5. Know different time management techniques
  6. Not to be afraid of difficulties and be stress-resistant
  7. Have excellent organizational and public speaking skills

So, we have evaluated all the features of the Senior Data Engineer job description, which will greatly help candidates when compiling a resume, and recruiters when hiring candidates for a job.