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Senior Front End Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 01 September 2022updated 10 February 2023

Senior Front End Developer is responsible for creating an interface, they often have to take part in the processes of programming, testing, web development, etc. The specialty remains in demand in various niches because online sales and e-commerce are only gaining ground in the market.

The main task of a senior front-end developer is to implement a targeted user interface project for various platforms and software. They are required to implement each element so that clients can easily interact with the site. However, senior professionals often not only manage the process, but create it with their own hands.

We offer you an opportunity to be acquainted with the senior front-end developer job description in more detail and find out what responsibilities, requirements, duties, and roles that person has. For your convenience, the material is presented in the form of a ready-made template.

Specialists most often work in the office and have a whole team of subordinates, both in terms of development and from other departments. Sometimes a senior front-end developer is hired for remote work on a freelance project. The job description also includes the requirement of attendance at various meetings with customers that does not always take place within the office.

Responsibilities of Senior Front End Developer

  1. Analysis of the niche, target audience, company, and competitors.
  2. Creating an interface that meets the client's expectations.
  3. Search and correction of errors.
  4. Team management.
  5. Search for the best solutions for the user interface.
  6. Distribution of tasks to all subordinates.
  7. Interface adaptation for different devices and platforms.
  8. Work with new projects and improvement of existing ones.
  9. Preparation of documentation.
  10. Presentation of the finished product.
  11. Implementation of updates.

Requirements of Senior Front End Developer

  1. Bachelor's or Master's Degree in computer technology or engineering.
  2. 3+ years experience in a similar position.
  3. Knowledge of web language specifications.
  4. Extensive experience in managing employees.
  5. Knowledge of front-end development tools.
  6. Ability to work with databases.
  7. Excellent coding skills.
  8. Knowledge of server languages and programming languages at a high level.
  9. Knowledge of automation tools.
  10. The ability to think not only technically, but also creatively.

Roles and responsibilities of Senior Front End Developer

  1. Analysis
  2. Project planning
  3. Joint design of the future user interface
  4. Interface development
  5. Testing
  6. Preparing presentations and documentation
  7. Launch and presentation to the customer

Senior Front End Developer Skills

  1. The ability to form the workplace both for themselves and for employees properly
  2. The ability to make important decisions for the project quickly
  3. Ability to work with team members and other professionals
  4. The desire to improve efficiency
  5. Possession of internal discipline
  6. Desire to constantly learn and improve the level of knowledge of colleagues