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Senior Python Developer Job Description

by The EPAM Anywhere Editorial Team
3 min readpublished 18 April 2022updated 14 April 2023

Senior Python Developer is responsible for implementing all software or other products using Python. It is important to have excellent knowledge of this programming language and be able to apply it to solve various problems. Let's take a look at the entire list of standard requirements, responsibilities, duties, skills, and roles that are most often written in job descriptions.

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Senior Python Developer Job Description Template

Senior Python Developer is a professional with a wealth of experience who has already studied a huge number of libraries and frameworks and has chosen the most optimal ones. This professional is ready to take responsibility for managing an entire project, is able to lead several of them in parallel, and can take responsibility for leading an entire team. He or she competently distributes roles, helps and continues to teach, successfully fulfilling the role of a mentor.

Responsibilities of Senior Python Developers

When applying for a senior Python developer position, be prepared for the following responsibilities:

  1. Analysis of customer requirements
  2. Development of technical specifications
  3. Distribution of current tasks among team members
  4. Interaction with the client, management, and other interested parties
  5. Creation of the skeleton of the future project
  6. Implementation of the product itself within the stated time frame
  7. Testing and adaptation
  8. Product optimization and correction of possible errors
  9. Launch and presentation
  10. Introduction of new technologies into the finished project
  11. Version control
  12. Filling out documentation
  13. Support and integration of further modifications.

One of the important aspects of being a Senior Python Developer is managing an entire team of subordinates. The candidate should be willing to get along with other Python professionals as well as people from other IT departments.

Requirements of Senior Python Developers

The most important of the duties that every company expects from a candidate for the position of Senior Python Developer is a higher education and a master's degree or at least a bachelor's degree. But this is just a drop in the vast ocean of requirements. According to the job description, the following is also required:

  1. Deep knowledge of the Python programming language and its features
  2. The ability to use all the patterns and advantages of the language to create a high-quality product
  3. Work experience of more than 5 years
  4. The ability to correctly distribute tasks according to the job responsibilities of junior colleagues
  5. Excellent coding skills and interaction with all language features
  6. Ability to analyze project requirements
  7. Ability to plan work
  8. Testing skills
  9. The ability to meet deadlines
  10. Practical experience in product optimization
  11. Experience in project presentation and delivery

Depending on the company, the general list of requirements in the job description may differ

Roles and responsibilities of Senior Python Developers

The Senior Python Developer is responsible for the entire project. Therefore, the career path will include the following roles:

  1. Receiving a task for the implementation of the project
  2. Discussing all the details and nuances with the customer
  3. Work planning
  4. Distribution of tasks among employees
  5. Creation of the structure of the future product
  6. Development and implementation of all components
  7. Debugging and search/correction of errors
  8. Testing
  9. Presentation to the customer
  10. Product launch
  11. Paperwork
  12. Support and implementation of updates

It is important to understand that a senior Python developer must prove their level of qualification and competence in managing an entire team, ensure that the team will cope with the tasks, and implement a project that fully meets expectations.

Senior Python Developer Skills

A senior Python developer must have many secondary qualities that will help them fulfill their responsibilities according to the job description. One of them is the ability to properly equip your workplace, regardless of whether you work in the office or remotely. In addition, a senior Python developer will benefit from having:

  • The ability to manage the working time of their subordinates
  • Knowledge of different time management methodologies
  • The desire for continuous improvement of knowledge
  • Increased stress resistance
  • The ability to make quick decisions in an emergency
  • Leadership skills

We've looked at the generic template senior Python developer job description. We hope it will help you in compiling your own resume.