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EPAM Anywhere for techies: from the imperfect start to automagical operation

4 min readpublished 05 February 2021updated 06 March 2023

EPAM Anywhere is a platform that connects skilled IT professionals (like you) with the world’s top companies. But if you think it’s another freelance platform, bear with us for a moment. We wouldn’t be taking your time if Anywhere was just another freelance marketplace.

As you probably know, tech specialists looking for a job have three employment options:

  • Freelancing
  • Working at a product company
  • Working at a services company

Each of these options has advantages, but Anywhere combines the benefits of all three, building a marketplace where tech enthusiasts can work, learn, grow, and be a part of a vibrant community. Anywhere lets you experience the stability of a product company with a freelancer’s freedom to choose the company type, project, tech stack, and timeframe yourself.

You can learn how great Anywhere is any time, but we are here to talk about the technical details of building it, why we had to look for a different approach at some point, and what the platform looks like now. If you’re into software architecture, you’ll definitely enjoy watching Pavel Veller’s, EPAM CTO, Digital Engagement Practice, speech at Devoxx Ukraine 2020. 

You will discover how EPAM Anywhere was started (spoiler – the start wasn’t ideal at all), explore the platform’s architecture context (and the obstacles that occurred the way to the current version), and find out how EPAM Anywhere product team managed to achieve rapid growth and truly automagical operation.

We’ll also take a deeper look at some valuable conclusions that the entire experience made us come to:

  • why it’s better to always start from scratch
  • how to optimize “team-product-technology” dimensions
  • why managed services are most often a good choice
  • difference between the back end and APIs thinking
  • what ecosystems mindset is

Now that you know how Anywhere works from the inside, are you ready to try it out?

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