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written bySenior Content Strategist, EPAM Belarus

Online conference Java Day on April 23 united 2,000 Java lovers from all over the world. Engineers from Minsk, Novosibirsk, Zurich, Houston, Bangalore and other cities participated in the community-driven event where 14 speakers from different countries shared their expertise. These experts talked about Microservices, Java tips and tricks, streaming apps, taking Java to Cloud and other useful topics. Here are the most popular presentations based on participants' voting.

First Steps in Taking Java to Cloud

By Ranga Karanam, Founder of in28minutes

How can Java developers get started with learning the cloud – AWS, Azure, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes, Microservices and DevOps? That's the talk in a nutshell.

We will focus on different approaches to taking Java applications to the cloud. We will introduce you to containers and container orchestration. You will learn the basics of DevOps and the important tools you want to focus on in this evolving landscape.

“Containers 101”

By Sergio Puas, Senior Software Engineer

How many times, when deploying our code in QA or Production, we have heard this: “But it works on my machine!” How often you have spent too much time and effort configuring your environment, installing libraries, etc.? Quite often? Then this presentation is for you!

The presentation will be an introduction to containers, focusing on one of the most popular tools of late - Docker. We will see how to run a simple infrastructure based on containers, using a REST API connecting to a database, and a reverse proxy as an example.

13 Java type system caveats and tricks you may want to know

By Cause Cheng, Lead Software Engineer

Java is a statically typed language. Understanding how its type system works contributes to better coding quality. In this talk, we will take a look at some of the nuts and bolts of the Java type system, from basic types like primitives and arrays to generics, and a bit of functional programming idiom that is applicable to daily Java coding.

Microservices Delivery Platform. Tips and Tricks

By Andriy Trubitsyn, Solution Architect

Andriy Trubitsyn is a hands-on architect with a passion for microservices architecture. He’s spent a lot of time researching the topic and consults on microservice reference architecture, microservices platforms and microservices delivery platforms. Andriy regularly conducts presentations at XP Days, JEE Conf in Ukraine and other events.

Andriy can break an abstract concept down to a very practical solution and focus on issues until they are overcome.

Microservice Security

By Naveen Merugu, Solution Architect

Naveen Merugu has 17+ Years of experience in Solution Architecture, Application Architecture, Application Integration, System Design and Programming Application Software using Enterprise-wide service-oriented systems, in medium- to large-scale businesses in product and solutions companies using traditional, Design Patterns and Agile Software Methodologies.

He gave a presentation on "In-sprint Performance testing" at the STC QAI -2018 Conference in Bangalore. Here are the key points:

  • What Microservices are
  • How they communicate
  • How to secure your Microservices
  • What techniques you can use
  • Some best practices

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Java Days are a series of global Community-led events. One technology brings together communities from all over the world. Any speaker or community can propose a talk, and people vote for what they want to hear!

written bySenior Content Strategist, EPAM Belarus
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