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Big Data Developer freelance and remote jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Big Data Developers.


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Freelance Big Data Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

With technological progress, infrastructure development for analysis of Big Data, and expanding the accessibility of data, Big Data Software Developer's role becomes increasingly significant. Big Data is considered to be a powerful technology that helps businesses get valuable insights and use those to address numerous consumer-focused needs.

Initially, a Big Data Software Developer evolved from a database administrator, a data architect, or a data analyst. Thus, Big Data Developer jobs may often include a mixture of responsibilities from all these areas. Still, mostly Big Data freelance and in-house developers cope with dataset modeling, optimizing data storage, creating data pipelines, and programming Big Data execution.

Core skills and technologies typical for Big Data Developer jobs

While this role is highly paid and desirable for many contenders, what does it take to be a rockstar Big Data Software Developer? Here's the list of skills and technologies, required in most Big Data Developer jobs:

  • Hands-on machine learning approaches
  • Experience in working with databases
  • Proficiency in several programming languages
  • (i.e., ideally, a Java Big Data Developer needs to have hands-on Python, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Hadoop, the open-source compendium of libraries
  • Substantive expertise in Apache tools: Kafka, Spark, and Hive
  • High competence in cloud computing

Big Data developers running for senior-level roles, also need to have under their belt:

  • Strong knowledge of code review process, release strategy, and other essential software development practices
  • Proficiency in Big Data general and serialization
  • Understanding of data formats, compression, codecs, and splitability
  • Hands-on Big Data ecosystem key technologies: HDFS, Spark, Kafka
  • being competent in cloud services: Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform, Azure

What you will do as a Big Data freelance Developer

Typically Big Data Developer jobs indicate the following set of responsibilities:

  • Designing, implementing, testing, and maintaining the complete data management and processing systems
  • Hand-picking and implementing enlisted Big Data tools
  • Managing ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) process
  • Observing the performance of current infrastructure and planning of all the future upgrades
  • Building data models allowing to reduce systems complexity and cost, and make it more efficient
  • Ensuring the systems is highly scalable, robust and fault-tolerant
  • Establishing data retention policies and coping with all the questions about Big Data security

Explore Big Data Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If you're exploring Big Data Developer remote jobs, take an overview of openings available for Big Data freelance Developers on EPAM Anywhere platform. Apply for the one that suits you best and turbocharge your career in the teams of the industry's top talents!