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Freelance Remote QA Jobs on EPAM Anywhere

Owing to the sheer dominance and benefits of software in commerce, it's become almost like a right of passage for enterprises to own software, be it a web, desktop, or mobile application. That said, there are lots of expertise and processes that go into designing and developing a new project; however, none is arguably as indispensable as the role of the Functional testing engineer. It begs the question, What is functional testing? Who is a Functional testing engineer and what does the job entail?

Taking a cue from its name, functional testing has to do with the series of processes aimed at confirming whether a piece of code, software, or project meets its intended purpose. In order words, freelance QA (quality assurance) or the job of functional testing engineers is to give the green light on whether or not a piece of software can perform as it ought to. Depending on the purpose of the test, functional testing can be divided into different types such as;

  • Systems testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Sanity testing
  • Regression testing

That said, remote QA jobs can either be automated or done manually. Like all things automated, it cuts down stress and saves a great deal of time to use testing automation tools; however, they lag in the ability to properly emulate the end-user experience. In addition, it's prone to missing bugs that could have been spotted had the testing been done manually. Worst yet, it takes a great deal of time to set it up and would require constant management to maintain high performance. In contrast, manual testing doesn't have the downsides of automation testing and it's also excellent for proper emulation of end-user experience. That said, it's time-consuming and could delay deadlines to significant degrees

Clearly, the undisputed contributions of Functional testing make QA tester jobs one of the most sought after in the software development processes. Luckily a platform such as EPAM Anywhere has been created specifically to supplement this need. So, do you have the top-notch expertise that businesses are on the lookout for? Then the EPAM Anywhere QA vacancy is precisely what you need.

Skills And Technologies For Freelance QA Engineers

In true meritocracy fashion, companies are always on the lookout for the most skilled employees to work with and online QA testing Jobs are no different. To that effect, there are some must-know top-notch skills and technologies endemic to working QA tester jobs on the EPAM Anywhere platform. These include;

  • Extensive knowledge of automation testing
  • Having excellent communication skills
  • Being adept with the technical know-how on tools for tracking defects
  • Having excellent analytical skills
  • Having an extensive understanding of the Linux command
  • Having an extensive understanding of database

Responsibilities Endemic to a QA Vacancy

In contrast to other experts such as designers, functional testers are involved in product development from start to finish. A good freelance QA engineer can think like a developer, understand the expectations of product owners and be able to see and interact with the product through the lens of the end-users. Other responsibilities of the EPAM Anywhere online QA testing jobs include but not limited to;

  • Developing and designing detailed functional testing plans
  • Identifying errors in codes and verifying them when rectified
  • Planning and executing of well-thought-out tests
  • Having in-depth knowledge of functional testing tools and methodologies

It's clear as day that comprehensive functional testing is an essential precursor to providing top-notch software to product owners and end-users, so it's only natural that business owners seek out your expertise. However, the inquiry worth making is, do you have what it takes to join the EPAM Anywhere freelance QA engineering team? Can you make it among the best? Then take the first step to have your dream job.