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Remote Functional Testing Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Functional testing is a crucial stage of the software development process, which requires mastery of skilled and competent Functional Test Engineers. With functional testing performed right, the software is checked from head to toe, to ensure it works as designed before the product goes wide scale.

The role of an onsite or remote QA Engineer here is vital, as this is the very person who checks the product and uncovers bugs. Put briefly, an in-house or remote QA Engineer tests user interface, error messages, and handles all components that relate to text, e.g. input, copy & paste, editing text, and so on. So, what does it take to be a robust Functional Test Engineer, though, who can ensure the full product is well checked?

Core skills and technologies for Functional Test Engineer

Both onsite and remote QA Engineers need to be equipped with extensive knowledge about the respective skills, testing tools, and technologies needed to optimize the testing process.

Specifically, Functional Test Engineer should obtain the following hard skills:

  • Ability to prepare test strategies and scripts, write test cases, test plans, procedures, and standards
  • Being familiar with SDLC phases and methodologies (Scrum/Agile, RUP/Waterfall/XP)
  • Fluency in functional testing fundamentals, its types, tools, and frameworks
  • Knowledge of database/ SQL
  • Understanding network fundamentals and internet protocols
  • Working with web servers (MS IIS/ Apache HTTP Server/ Apache Tomcat), virtualization tools, UML basics, XML
  • Proficiency in UX Development and HTML
  • Windows and Linux administration basics

When exploring QA Engineer jobs, it's equally essential to consider soft skills as following:

  • Ability to establish relationships, clearly communicate thoughts and arguments, manage the conversation and effective group discussion
  • Take responsibility and show ownership
  • Demonstrating a high level of self-efficiency by being open to continuous learning, proven stress tolerance, and the ability to be an effective team player
  • Self-management and decision making
  • Strong emotional intelligence
  • At least an Intermediate level of English

What will you do as a remote QA Engineer?

Based on the core skills and knowledge, EPAM Anywhere’s remote QA Engineer mainly works on creating and maintaining comprehensive test plans, developing automated testing scripts, and ensuring testing of each requirement gathered from the functional team. What other responsibilities can be found in QA Engineer jobs? Here are the most common:

  • Gathering, evaluating, and analyzing requirements, specs, and technical design documents
  • Designing, developing, and executing automation tests systems for regular checks
  • Carrying out regression testing
  • Monitoring all production stages to ensure alignment with safety procedures
  • Running quality controls on features, components, and final products
  • Documenting technical issues and solutions

Take a look at remote QA Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

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