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Remote Python Automation Testing Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Python automation testing is testing using the Python programming language and a specially written script. A big plus of this type of test is that it saves time, because they no longer involve manual verification by a person and, most importantly, a well-designed test will search for all possible errors and provide information about them.

Main job description

In Python automation testing remote jobs, the main goal of a specialist is to create a high-quality script that will effectively test various products at different stages of their life cycle. A specialist who wants to get a remote job and work from home must be ready to successfully manage several projects at once.

Python automation testing remote jobs: responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a remote Python automation testing job include:

  1. Release clean and well-formed tests
  2. Write scripts
  3. Conduct tests
  4. Implement different types of tests depending on the project
  5. Use several tools for writing and conducting tests at once
  6. Analyze the obtained results
  7. Report and prepare documentation
  8. Search for errors and include them in the report
  9. Assess the product for compliance with the stated task
  10. Perform testing support
  11. Implement repeatable tests

The scope of duties for remote jobs depend on the skill level of the specialist. Seniors’ list of responsibilities will be an order of magnitude larger than that described above. For example, it will include responsibility for all the work done, managing a team of employees online and mentoring junior colleagues. Mediums will be responsible for implementing test scenarios and assisting in the development of hardware platforms.

Python automation testing work-from-home jobs: requirements

If you are applying for Python automation testing telecommute jobs, be prepared to meet the following requirements:

  1. Deep knowledge of the Python programming language
  2. Excellent command of several frameworks, databases and libraries
  3. Ability to distinguish multiprocessing from multithreading
  4. Ability to manually search for errors if necessary
  5. Experience with different environments
  6. Remote work experience
  7. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  8. Ability to work with gRPC
  9. Ability to navigate technical documents
  10. Ability to write scripts using different tools
  11. Knowledge of different techniques for conducting tests
  12. Ability to properly manage test data
  13. Experience with Git
  14. Knowledge of the principle of working with debugging tools
  15. Possession of object-oriented programming
  16. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  17. Understanding of methodologies and features of testing with Python
  18. Experience with CSS and HTML
  19. Ability to maintain system security
  20. Experience with various automation tools

Typically, companies hire Python automation specialists with some experience for remote work.

Remote Python automation testing: soft skills

Python automation testing requires the candidate to have excellent teamwork skills, as well as the ability to communicate effectively with employees from other departments. In remote work, it is much more difficult to build relationships with colleagues than it is in person, but it is a necessity.