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Remote Talent Acquisition Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The increasing demand for talented IT experts worldwide means that it can be increasingly challenging to try to identify them simply based on resumes. As more candidates enter the job market in an effort to capitalize on the demand for IT talents, they all have a resume, but not all of them have the practical skills and competence to back it up. Unless companies are very careful, they can be misled when they try to bring capable candidates onboard.

To avoid wasting time on unsuitable candidates, inaccurate resumes, and a trial-and-error series of interviews, thoughtful companies are opting for the services of a talent acquisition recruiter. As a result, industry research suggests that talent acquisition specialist jobs are expected to experience a boom. This means there's a place for talent acquisition experts like you on the job market, and at EPAM Anywhere. Do you have a knack for identifying talents? Are you good at reading people? Do you have experience working as a talent acquisition specialist? If so, then our IT Talent acquisition vacancies are the perfect fit for you.

Skills required for remote Talent Acquisition specialist jobs

Does joining the EPAM Anywhere team, with all of its benefits, appeal to you? Then compare your skills against those required for our IT talent acquisition vacancies. The skills we look for include:

  • A proven track record as an IT talent acquisition specialist
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the IT industry
  • Experience in recruiting in the IT industry
  • Working knowledge of common staffing tools and HR processes
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of products
  • Skill in techniques for finding potential employees
  • A certificate or degree in some aspect of the human resource profession

Soft skills

Candidates for our remote talent acquisition jobs should also have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Superior planning skills
  • Outstanding listening skills
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Solid social skills
  • Discipline and efficiency in meeting deadlines and completing tasks

Responsibilities of a Talent Acquisition specialist

As a talent acquisition recruiter, your primary responsibilities involve creating strategies and using the best available tools to identify and recruit the best candidates to fill vacancies. Some of the specific responsibilities of a talent acquisition assistant at EPAM Anywhere are as follows:

  • IT Talent acquisition experts must conduct research to stay current with talent acquisition trends in the tech industry
  • Implementing tailored talent acquisition strategies to meet our needs
  • Developing standards and metrics for talent sourcing and assessment
  • A talent acquisition assistant must participate in our periodic talent recruitment processes
  • Representing EPAM Anywhere at various functions
  • Providing periodic updates and documenting talent sourcing initiatives
  • Engaging and fostering strong ties with potential candidates
  • Employing effective communication methods to explain the benefits of employment at EPAM Anywhere

Why consider an IT Talent Acquisition remote vacancy at EPAM Anywhere?

Although there are many remote talent acquisition jobs out there, they aren’t all well-suited to your expectations and goals. To optimize your chance of landing your dream job, you’ll want to focus on the companies with the best working conditions and opportunities. So, what's special about employment at EPAM Anywhere, and why should you consider joining us?

We offer flexible engagement methods. This means that our talent acquisition specialist jobs offer you the option to work fully remotely, in an office, or a blend of both. With EPAM Anywhere, you’ll have a fulfilling career and a satisfying work-life balance. Other perks of being an EPAMer include healthcare benefits, competitive wages, access to a personal career advisor, and many varied opportunities for career growth. It's all pros and no cons. Why not take the first step now?