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Remote Software Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The range of tasks expected of a software developer includes the entire life cycle of software development. These specialists begin development from the moment they receive the technical specifications from the client and end with the ongoing support of the completed and launched product.

Software developers work on projects in a variety of areas, including software for education, business, entertainment, etc. With such a wide range of responsibilities and requirements for candidates, it can be difficult for recruiters to prepare a description of remote software developer jobs, and for applicants to write a comprehensive resume. The information below can be used as a template for either of those purposes.

Who are software developers?

Software developers write software that meets many different requirements. They adapt it to the selected hardware and develop all of the functions that the user needs. These specialists are also responsible for maintaining the relevance of the product and preparing its modifications and updates.

Basic requirements for software developers

Responsibilities of software developers vary from project to project, even within the same company. The exact product that an employee will be required to develop next time is sometimes unknown even to the company's leaders, so they frequently recruit universal professionals for software developer remote jobs that meet the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor's or Master's degree in computer technology
  2. Understanding of methodologies that effectively solve problems to achieve the project goals
  3. Awareness of the latest trends in software
  4. Specified number of years of relevant experience
  5. Familiarity with tools to automate processes and increase productivity
  6. Background in API
  7. Proficiency with major programming languages
  8. Comprehensive knowledge of one programming language
  9. Basic knowledge of frontend and backend development
  10. Demonstrated interest in innovation in the software world
  11. Knowledge of cloud systems
  12. Experience with databases, libraries, and frameworks

Frequently, those with software developer jobs work from home. This does not change the requirements and responsibilities of the position much, but some new skills may be added to the list, including organization, both in terms of time and in relation to the physical workplace, and punctuality.

Responsibilities of work-from-home software developer jobs

As discussed above, although responsibilities may vary by company or project requirements, they generally include:

  1. Developing throughout the entire software life cycle
  2. Visualization
  3. Providing necessary project documentation and reporting
  4. Supporting software throughout its life cycle to maintain its functioning and relevance
  5. Developing algorithms
  6. Determining the expectations of the target audience for the new product
  7. Creating clean, scalable code
  8. Communicating with the customer at all stages of the project
  9. Debugging
  10. Testing at all stages of development
  11. Identifying and eliminating problems
  12. Analyzing feedback from users after the launch of the software
  13. Improving existing software, using innovative solutions for updating
  14. Addressing problems with the software in a timely manner

Developers with different skill levels (junior, middle and senior) perform different tasks, so the requirements for each experience level are different. To write a resume or describe telecommute software developer jobs, simply select the most appropriate items from the list above, or modify them as necessary

The role of the software developer on a project

Beginner software developers are assigned routine simple tasks, to enable them to gain experience and increase their knowledge while still adding value to the project. The middle level is directly involved in the development, and the task of the highest level of specialists is management. At the senior level, specialists are responsible for the project, and the quality of the work performed; they plan, direct, and correct the development.

The role of the software developer in a project team

Across various remote work software developer jobs, each team member, regardless of their seniority level, must offer ideas for solving problems on an ongoing basis, and must demonstrate a genuine interest in innovation. Senior specialists should be able to effectively distribute tasks, while junior specialists should correctly identify the goal and work towards it. The entire team must communicate productively in order to successfully achieve the common goal as soon as possible.