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Remote Web Analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A web analyst is a specialist who conducts analysis before introducing various tools and technologies into a product that is at the implementation stage or only in development plans. Let's look at what qualities and skills a candidate for remote web analyst jobs should have in order to fulfill their duties.

Main job description

Remote web analyst jobs require specialists to perform product analysis at different stages of its creation to find the optimal technological solutions. A professional, depending on their level, must be able to help with conducting marketing campaigns and improving the functionality and appearance of the site, which will directly affect the customer experience. This specialist is an important link in the digital field and can work remotely, even at the beginning of their career.

Web analyst remote jobs: responsibilities

The main responsibilities of web analyst remote jobs include:

  1. Analyzing client/company requirements
  2. Analyzing the target audience
  3. Analyzing product features
  4. Analyzing the feasibility of introducing various functions
  5. Conducting web and digital analytics
  6. Integrating all necessary solutions to satisfy the client
  7. Carrying out activities aimed at turning a user into a client
  8. Generating reports and maintaining documentation
  9. Improving the quality of the marketing campaign through the integration of solutions

A web analyst who works from home is closely connected with the marketing department, which requires them to have excellent knowledge in this area and to continuously monitor new trends. In addition, a web analyst usually works in a team and interacts with the development department.

Work-from-home web analyst jobs: requirements

Specialists applying for web analyst telecommute jobs must meet the following technical requirements:

  1. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  2. Superficial understanding of programming
  3. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  4. Experience working remotely
  5. Ability to work with different analysis tools
  6. Deep knowledge in business analytics and marketing
  7. Ability to find timely solutions for several products at once
  8. Proficiency in reporting and documentation
  9. Superficial knowledge of web development and design basics

The general list of requirements will differ depending on the goals of the company and the professional level of the specialist. And although newbie web analysts are rarely hired for remote jobs, there is a chance if you prove your determination to improve your knowledge. Middles should be prepared to be responsible for conducting analysis and making decisions, while seniors are responsible for managing a team of junior colleagues.

Web analyst: personal qualities

An agile mindset that combines technical and general aspects of work, moderate communication and business conversation skills, and excellent multi-tasking abilities are essential for obtaining a work-from-home web analyst job. An analyst who wants to work remotely must have excellent time management skills in order to properly organize the workflow and separate life and work.