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Remote PHP Developer Jobs

EPAM Anywhere is looking for remote PHP Developers.


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Do what you love in one of our Backend Developer remote jobs and get a guaranteed competitive compensation that grows together with you.


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Explore enterprise-level corporate benefits to support your comfortable journey at EPAM Anywhere.


Manage your career the way you want to

Land an ideal remote Backend Developer job and seize your chance to deepen your expertise or change your career path whenever it's comfortable for you.



Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, Django


40 hrs/week


12+ months

Chile, Colombia
Chile, Colombia
We are looking for a skilled Senior PHP Developer to join our remote team.


Google Cloud Platform, MySQL, Django


40 hrs/week


12+ months

Argentina, Chile, Colombia
Argentina, Chile, Colombia
We are looking for a remote Senior PHP Software Engineer with expertise in code-migration tools and techniques to join our team.

PHP developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

A PHP developer is a specialist who creates and executes design and web programs using the PHP language. PHP is a scripting language and a ready-made set of tools that allow you to create various server-side solutions.

Main job description

The main task of a PHP developer is to develop web applications and websites that are necessary for service platforms. This process includes everything from project planning to updating it during operation. For remote PHP developer jobs, you need to have certain skills. Let's take a look at what those consist of.

Responsibilities for remote PHP developers

The main duties a specialist must be able to perform in a remote PHP developer job include:

  1. Planning web applications
  2. Developing software
  3. Improving existing code
  4. Writing clean and scalable code
  5. Creating new features for the platform
  6. Searching for and correcting errors
  7. Writing reports and documentation
  8. Adapting products for different servers and browsers
  9. Embedding various elements created by front end specialists
  10. Carrying out the deletion of PHP products at different stages
  11. Creating modules for reuse
  12. Integrating complex architectures
  13. Developing several platforms at once

In addition, a remote PHP developer is required to work as a team and collaborate with other development departments. At the same time, this specialty is great as a remote job.

Work-from-home PHP developer jobs: requirements

PHP developers who want to work remotely must meet certain requirements depending on their level. There is a huge difference between the requirements of beginner, intermediate, and senior professionals, but usually they include the following:

  1. 2+ years of experience in a similar position
  2. Bachelor's or master's degree in computer technology or engineering
  3. Search engine optimization skills
  4. Deep knowledge of PHP
  5. Knowledge of at least one programming language
  6. Knowledge of CSS and HTML5
  7. Experience with different environments, frameworks, and databases
  8. Possession of object-oriented programming
  9. Knowledge of workflow automation tools
  10. At least superficial knowledge of security and its maintenance
  11. Ability to configure user connections to several servers at once
  12. Skills in creating scalable solutions
  13. Ability to integrate several databases and functional solutions into one system
  14. Ability to bypass all PHP restrictions

Novice PHP developers are not often hired for remote jobs, but if you prove your competence, determination, and desire to create unique and functional products, you have every chance of getting a coveted offer.

Soft skills that are important on a PHP development position

PHP developer telecommute jobs also require non-technical qualities and skills, including:

  1. Stress tolerance
  2. Business communication skills
  3. Ability to make important decisions quickly
  4. Excellent time management skills
  5. Teamwork
  6. Ability to separate work and leisure

A PHP developer, who always monitors innovations in the IT world, must be ready to constantly improve to work online. The main thing to focus on is presenting yourself and your skills well in the interview.