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12 LinkedIn profile tips for job seekers in tech

7 min readpublished 22 September 2022updated 27 January 2023

Final thoughts

If you want to land a job in tech, having a LinkedIn profile is crucial. HR professionals agree that a well-written and structured LinkedIn profile is the best way to make a good first impression on potential employers.

If your profile is incomplete, there’s a high chance you’ll be offered irrelevant jobs all the time. I recommend allocating some time to updating your LinkedIn profile. If you do it right, it can even replace your formal CV and spare you time on creating one.

Alisa NishchenkoLead Recruiter, EPAM Anywhere

You can view a LinkedIn profile through the lens of a tool that makes it easier for employers to review your background, experience, education, and potential in a few minutes, unless you make your LinkedIn profile private, of course. It is normal to switch jobs in the IT space, and having a great LinkedIn profile allows you to win over potential employers. 

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