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how can a DevOps team take advantage of artificial intelligence: a free webinar

4 min readpublished 13 April 2023updated 19 April 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent across various industries in today's digital age. One area where AI can provide significant benefits is DevOps. The use of AI in DevOps can lead to increased efficiency, better decision-making, and improved customer experiences.

EPAM Anywhere’s senior DevOps engineers held a webinar to pinpoint the benefits of leveraging ChatGPT in software engineering and discussed the overarching threat of AI taking over human jobs. Read through the article for the key takeaways and watch the webinar on-demand to catch up on the insights and experiences of our panel of experts.

watch the full webinar here

How to maximize the Docker workflow with ChatGPT

Our guest speaker Denys Yuvzhenko, System Architect at Intellias, showcased practical techniques and shared tips on using ChatGPT to create a Docker file for a Node.js application. As Denys mentions, you can drive better results by coordinating the prompts, setting up the context, and asking this AI DevOps tool to use common best practices like multistage and multi-platform build.

AI in DevOps: how to create a Docker file with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can be beneficial both for senior and junior DevOps engineers; however, you should view AI as an extra DevOps tool and always analyze, improve, and modify the Docker files you’ll receive. ChatGPT can also explain a complex Docker file and help you dockerize applications and accelerate the results you deliver on your project.

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AI-powered ChatOps: best practices for maximum efficiency and results

In the second part of the webinar, Jairo Andrés Correa Pérez, the head of Applications Management & Infrastructure at Endava, talked about his way of adapting AI in operations and mentioned a list of AI-driven tools that can be used alongside ChatGPT.

Jairo also highlighted the importance of AI collaboration tools for DevOps that came to assist us during the lockdown and stayed with us now that most companies pursue either a hybrid remote work setting or a fully remote one. ChatOps is there to connect people, automate workflows, and ensure transparency and collaboration.

The popularity of ChatGPT has also given rise to the new concept of AIOps, which uses big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies to enhance IT operations with dynamic insights.

AI DevOps: how does AIOps work?

Here is how you can maximize efficiency with ChatOps:

  • Identify the right use cases: Not all use cases are suitable for AI-powered ChatOps. Identify the use cases that are repetitive, rule-based, and require quick responses.
  • Select the right AI-powered ChatOps tool: There are various AI-powered ChatOps tools available. Choose the one that fits your use case, integrates well with your existing systems, and improves remote team communication.
  • Train your AI-powered ChatOps tool: AI-powered ChatOps tools need to be trained with relevant data to improve their accuracy and efficiency. Make sure to provide the tool with enough data to learn and improve over time. Our speakers advise to create separate chat rooms for each topic to help AI get into the relevant context and provide better results.
  • Monitor and measure performance: Monitor the performance of the AI-powered ChatOps tool and measure its effectiveness over time. Use analytics to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure security and compliance: Ensure that the AI-powered ChatOps tool is secure and compliant with regulations and policies. Implement necessary security measures and controls to protect sensitive data.

“ChatGPT has gained a lot of visibility, but we have been implementing AI in our lives without noticing. I think in the near future, there will be two types of people: ones who use AI and the ones who watch others use it. So, you should dig in and see what’s in it for you.”

Jairo Andrés Correa PérezHead of Applications Management & Infrastructure, Endava
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Final thoughts

In conclusion, AI-powered ChatOps has emerged as a game-changer for DevOps teams by providing better efficiency, decision-making, and improved customer experiences. However, it's essential to view AI DevOps tools as just that — tools that assist human engineers, not replace them.

“AI will not take over your job; it will be taken over by a person who will use AI to work faster and better.”

Denys YuvzhenkoSystem Architect, Intellias

Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights into the benefits and best practices of leveraging ChatGPT for DevOps, and it's a must-watch for any DevOps engineer looking to upskill and stay ahead in the field.

If you are interested in learning more about the latest technologies and staying ahead of the curve while working remotely, apply for one of our remote DevOps engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere to work on global projects and enjoy a rewarding career.

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