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top 23 senior software engineer interview questions

12 min readpublished 12 August 2022updated 27 January 2023

If you’re gearing up to land a new job, take a look at these most frequently asked interview questions for senior software engineer positions.

Applicants for both on-site and remote senior software developer jobs can expect a slew of questions covering technical ability, topics you should be familiar with, and problem-solving.

This post covers over 20 senior software engineer interview questions and answers to help you prepare for and ace the interview.

Bonus tips: how to make a great impression

Some things to keep in mind when attending a senior software engineer interview include:

  • Be concise when answering questions to ensure your answer fits into 30–90 seconds.
  • When answering senior software engineer behavioral interview questions, use the STAR format.
  • Maintain a dialogue with the interviewer by asking questions or keeping the interaction conversational to avoid awkward silence.
  • Do not overextend your abilities beyond your knowledge.
  • Prepare for any senior software engineer technical interview questions you may be asked by brushing up on material you have not reviewed in a while.
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