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Remote Cloud AWS Developer vacancies at EPAM Anywhere

AWS ecosystem of products and services covers the wide range of cloud computing needs, hence it's widely used by enterprises and appreciated by AWS Developers.

Since the clear line between AWS Developers, solution architects, system operations and other related roles is blurred, Amazon Web Developer jobs may contain responsibilities and requirements that are associated with most of these roles. Let's take a closer look at what is usually enlisted in AWS Developer jobs.

Core skills and technologies required for remote AWS Developer jobs

AWS Developer jobs can require a vast list of skills and technologies from these professionals. Bust mostly, AWS Certified Developer jobs include:

  • Hands-on cloud security and hosting principles
  • Knowledge of DevOps and Big data tools (Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible)
  • Ability to perform cloud migration and deployment in multi-cloud environments
  • Knowledge of serverless architecture aspects
  • Proficiency with serverless deployment automation and CI/CD patterns
  • Ability to design, set up, and manage the workflow of the distributed microservices environment
  • Knowledge of programming languages (JavaScript, GoLang, Python, Java or C#)
  • Solid grasp of container servers (Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with AWS Lambda computing environment

Typical responsibilities for Amazon Web Developer jobs

The essential duties common for AWS Developer remote jobs revolve around a cloud work environment and briefly imply design and management of the cloud systems. Along with that, AWS Developers cope with resolving customers' issues related to AWS applications. In more detail, remote AWS Developer jobs responsibilities include:

  • Developing and deploying cloud applications following its architecture design
  • Designing and performing automated tests
  • Implementing data migration
  • Assisting customers in troubleshooting numerous issues they face with applications and products
  • Ensuring smooth AWS applications maintenance

Explore AWS Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If you're looking for remote AWS Developer jobs, look no further. On EPAM Anywhere platform, you can find many AWS Developer jobs across many enterprise companies. Apply for the opening that looks like a match to you, and we'll be happy to help you land your dream career.