AWS Cloud Engineer freelance jobs (remote only)

EPAM Anywhere is looking for freelance AWS Cloud Engineers (remote only).


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AWS Cloud Engineer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

DevOps is a philosophy that integrates software development and its maintenance in a single seamless workflow. In the DevOps culture, the development team shares responsibilities for creating, implementing, and generating revenue from customer-centric software.

Companies implement DevOps practices to solve key issues inherent to most organizations:

  • Align workflows of development and maintenance teams.
  • Optimize the release strategies, reduce bugs, and unexpected failures.
  • Keep up with frequent software updates and maintain proper software quality at the same time.

Amazon AWS tools get in sync with DevOps workflows, offering a variety of ready-made solutions for development tasks. Cloud development is more flexible in planning, installation, and administration than physical servers since the required infrastructure can be configured in a few clicks. Cloud solutions are especially effective in startup projects when the load is unstable and developers need to test the configuration. Specialists that work with these tools are AWS Cloud Engineers. They're in high demand in an IT job market as they're truly multi-skilled T-shaped professionals.

At EPAM Anywhere, we connect top talents with worldwide enterprise tech giants. Our key benefit is that we offer remote-only AWS Engineer jobs for professionals or anyone who'd like to keep a perfect work-life balance, working remotely. If you'd like to know what it takes to join our large tech community, read this post. We'll present a skill set of an AWS DevOps Engineer and their main responsibilities at EPAM Anywhere.

What freelance AWS Cloud Engineer should know: top skills and qualifications

Looking at available AWS' cloud solutions, it's easy to get lost in the sea of advanced tools like infrastructure automation tools, distributed storage and databases, virtual networks, and more. A skillful AWS Cloud Engineer is expected to have a programming background, be a continuous learner, and monitor the technology updates to be able to offer the most viable solutions.

Other skills in AWS Engineer jobs include:

  • Data structures and algorithms.
  • System versioning tools like Git and GitHub.
  • System administration skills.
  • Understanding and successful implementation of CI/CD concepts.
  • Experience with containers like Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Understanding of microservice architecture.
  • Hands-on experience with Linux.
  • AWS Certifications (e.g. AWS DevOps Engineer Professional)
  • Knowledge of Amazon infrastructure and services.
  • Experience with handling security vulnerabilities.
  • RDS (usage of databases and data migration).

Cloud AWS Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere: key responsibilities

Optimization of resources, scalability, resilience, and security issues are typical tasks AWS Cloud Engineers resolve daily. Common duties for AWS Cloud Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere include:

  • Web application and microservices architecture development.
  • Integration with third-party integrations and APIs.
  • Handling asynchronous communication.
  • Deploying architecture for AWS services.
  • Automation of AWS cloud processes.
  • Setting up and optimizing CI/CD processes.

Ready to develop your professional skills and grow your career with the global tech community at EPAM Anywhere? We provide our specialists with a balanced workload, all benefits of working for EPAM, learning opportunities, and certification support to boost your career. Apply for one of our remote vacancies in worldwide renowned projects!