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Big Data Engineer jobs

EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Big Data Engineers.


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Big Data Engineer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Bill Gates once said that content is a king. Today, we can definitely say that data is a king. Data science combines several key disciplines that include programming, mathematics, statistical analysis, and machine learning. Specialists in this field include Big Data Software Engineers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists.

The latest report by Dice reveals that the number of Big Data Engineer jobs is growing by 50% each year. In global organizations, Big Data Software Engineer plays a critical role. They create and maintain pipelines to process, transform, and keep data in place. As a result, other employees (like analysts and scientists) can work with this data to build reports, forecast future changes, create machine learning models, etc.

The growing demand for talents in the Big Data field pushes companies to extend their search and create Big Data Engineer remote jobs. EPAM Anywhere platform serves this exact purpose: to connect the global enterprise companies with freelance Big Data Engineers on the remote. Along with that, we provide you with all the benefits available to EPAM's in-house specialists and a personal skills advisor who helps you make a roadmap to building a successful career. We wrote this post to uncover must-have skills and key responsibilities of Big Data Engineers at EPAM Anywhere, so read on.

Essential skills for a freelance Big Data Engineer at EPAM Anywhere

In general, key skills and qualifications depend on particular Big Data Engineer jobs. For example, retail and eCommerce businesses tend to look for engineers with expertise in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Such specialists are required to build complex recommendation systems and manage product stock.

The common skillset of a Big Data Engineer includes:

  • Programming skills with at least one of the programming languages used in the Data Science field: Python and R.
  • Knowledge of software engineering best practices like code review and release strategy.
  • Big Data basics: data format, compression, codecs, portability, and serialization.
  • Key technologies of the Big Data ecosystem: Spark, Kafka, and HDFS.
  • Cloud services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Azure.
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, PostgreSQL).
  • Experience with Apache Hadoop stack.

Big Data Software Engineer: main responsibilities

Big Data Engineers set up an infrastructure for corporate Big Data, internal databases, and third-party integrations that collect and store the data for further usage by Data Analysts and Data Scientists. To help organizations achieve their goals, typical duties for Big Data Engineer remote jobs include:

  • Working with various data sources and data analysis.
  • Organization of automated data pipelines in centralized data warehouses or data lakes.
  • Visualization of data for further usage by analysts and researchers.
  • Creation of CI/CD pipelines for regular and continuous data preparation.

On the EPAM Anywhere platform, freelance Big Data Engineers can find a variety of vacancies that match your skillset and domain. We offer only vetted, long-term projects that help you unleash your tech and soft skills. Learn more about available vacancies on EPAM Anywhere.