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Google Cloud Developer Remote Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

According to various reports, Google Cloud ranks among the first three cloud platforms adopted by enterprises. As the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) gets increasingly mature, more enterprises consider it as a resolution for their purposes. Besides, GCP is designed to be more friendly toward developers, offering them an easy way to bootstrap the environment, build layered infrastructures, perform big data analytics, reach hybrid and multi-cloud flexibility or migrate the project.

All this generates a broad market of Google Cloud Engineers and a whole list of Google Cloud Platform jobs. What's essential for successful candidates in this area is having GCP certification, which makes Google Cloud Engineers one of the top-paying IT professionals in the USA, Europe, and Asia. What else along with certification can help GC Engineers stand out of the other candidates?

Core skills and technologies for remote Google Cloud Engineers

Typically, GC Engineers need to be able to navigate across several GCP directions: infrastructure modernization, application modernization, smart analytics and data management, productivity and collaboration. Of course, the depth of knowledge depends on the engineer's seniority level and specific goals to be covered within a particular project. Yet, there are general aspects Google Cloud Platform jobs require:

  • Profound knowledge of GCP fundamentals
  • Fluency in DevOps essentials
  • Hands-on architecting with GC Engine, networking in GCP, and site reliability engineering
  • Understanding how to implement security and identity in GCP
  • Proficiency in developing apps with GCP
  • Knowledge of GCP big data, AI, and ML fundamentals, working with Cloud MLE
  • Experience with GCP data analytics using BigQuery, DataFlow, Pub/Sub, and Composer
  • Ability to organize data engineering and GCP storage
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills, with the ability to foresee and eliminate issues

Typical responsibilities of the Google Cloud Developer remote job

As it follows from the skillset GC Engineers should obtain, their key responsibilities enlisted in Google Cloud remote jobs relate to technical duties associated with cloud computing. Precisely, these requirements include:

  • Building and deploying GCP applications referring to such approaches as large-scale data processing, statistical modeling, and advanced analytics
  • Participating in all stages of the SDLC for GCP solutions
  • Troubleshooting incidents, fixing and documentation problems, and implementing preventive measures
  • Mentoring teams on the implementation of new cloud-based initiatives

Take a look at Google Cloud Platform jobs at EPAM Anywhere

If you're exploring Google Cloud platform jobs, you're in the right place. On EPAM Anywhere platform, you can find many Google Cloud remote jobs of various seniority levels and across numerous enterprise companies. Explore the openings and apply for those that look like a match to you!