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Remote Data Analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere

According to Gartner's predictions, data science remains a significant area in the massive global IT market, which had to drive about $3.9 trillion in spending in 2020. Yet data science job roles are not solely limited to Data Scientists.

As the demand for data keeps growing, we see more faster-growing Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Analytics Engineer, Data Analyst jobs, and the list goes on. In particular, more Data Analyst freelance and remote jobs appear on the market as the work-from-home trend keeps expanding.

Key skills and technologies a Data Analyst remote should have

Data Analyst job may imply numerous duties from designing data systems and databases to mining and reorganizing data or searching for data trends and patterns using statistical tools. Thus, different Data Analyst freelance vacancies can require a different set of skills from such a professional. Led to a common denominator, essential skills and technologies enlisted in Data Analyst remote and on-site jobs include:

  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Proficiency with one of statistical programming language (R, Python)
  • Working with spreadsheet tools (Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets)
  • Strong mathematical and statistical skills
  • Hands-on data visualization and data visualization software

Talking about data visualization software, middle-to-senior Data Analyst specialists must be proficient with architecture, report development, troubleshooting, and support within a number of BI reporting tools. Typically, Data Analyst remote jobs require proficiency with such BI tools as:

  • MicroStrategy BI
  • Tibco Spotfire
  • QlikView
  • Tableau
  • MS PowerView, MS PowerPivot, MS Excel concept, MS Excel report types

Responsibilities typical for a remote and freelance Data Analyst job

As mentioned earlier, data analyst programmer responsibilities can include various aspects. Typically, Data Analyst freelance or in-house job openings expect from these professionals to:

  • Manage master data
  • Manage and design the reporting environment (data sources, security, and metadata)
  • Prepare reports and analysis using statistical and data visualization tools
  • Help end-users cope with new reports and dashboards
  • Troubleshoot the reporting database environment and reports
  • Contribute to data integrity and normalization initiatives
  • Audit data integrity, investigate concerns, and establish processes to streamline and improve data quality
  • Provide technical expertise on data storage structures, data mining, and data cleansing

Explore Data Analyst remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Demand for Data Analyst experts keeps growing. If you're exploring Data Analyst opportunities, look at available job openings on the EPAM Anywhere platform. Check remote Senior Data Analyst jobs at EPAM Anywhere. Just apply for the right-match project and land your dream career in one of our global projects!

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