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Freelance DevOps Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere (remote only)

DevOps Engineer work is difficult to overestimate. With DevOps, tech companies deliver their end-users value based on the combination of technology, processes, and team interaction. But it wasn't always this way. In pre-DevOps times, engineers and administrators - or operations - focused on different goals and efficiency metrics and worked in isolation from each other. When DevOps practices eventually emerged, they have basically brought together the best of two worlds.

Today it's hard to imagine an IT company without DevOps Engineers. But what areas of responsibilities do DevOps Engineers cover these days? Let's go through the list of skills and duties typically stated in DevOps Engineer vacancies, and see which freelance DevOps Engineer jobs are available on the IT market.

Core skills and technologies for freelance DevOps Engineers

DevOps has become an integral part of today's software development culture. Hence, more and more companies understand the importance of having reliable and highly skilled DevOps Engineers on board. Whether companies are looking for in-house or freelance DevOps System Engineers, the list of core skills a seasoned professional should have looks pretty the same.

This list includes:

  • Experience working with Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, or Java.
  • Knowledge of at least one cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Experience with Puppet, Chef, Terraform, or other Configuration Management and Deployment tools.
  • Hands-on experience with Git workflows.
  • Practical knowledge of building CI/CD pipelines to deploy automation testing.
  • Ability to automate and orchestrate workloads across multiple cloud providers.

For DevOps Lead Engineer, it's also nice to have:

  • Understanding of business needs and requirements.
  • Ability to negotiate with customers and other departments and troubleshoot customer environments.
  • Hands-on building tools and implementing processes to improve customer experience.
  • Maturity to handle customer issues and incidents, as well as provide guidance and recommendations to improve efficiency.

What you will do as a freelance DevOps System Engineer

Now, what responsibilities does a typical DevOps Engineer vacancy contain? And what a DevOps Engineer is expected to do, specifically?

Here's what DevOps Engineer work includes:

  • Automation and maintenance of software products in the live environment
  • Managing IT infrastructure that supports software code in cloud environments
  • Deployment and network operations
  • Implementing approaches for frequent, incremental changes to code versions

Explore DevOps Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

As the trend of WFH is increasing globally, we'll see more freelance DevOps Engineer jobs. Meanwhile, many opportunities for middle, senior, and DevOps lead Engineers are available today on the EPAM Anywhere platform. If you're open for new challenges right away or would like just to explore the openings, take a look at these DevOps Engineer jobs, put together according to specific specializations:

  1. DevOps.BigData
  2. DevOps.Container
  3. DevOps.Data
  4. DevOps.IaC
  5. DevOps.Operational Intelligence
  6. DevOps.Scripting

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