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Node.js Developer remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Node.js introduced back in 2009 remains notably lightweight and highly flexible nowadays. So far, it seems to become one of the most blooming and widely-used technologies, standing behind such prominent institutions and companies like NASA, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, LinkedIn, and Netflix.

What are the secret ingredients that stimulate the emergence of more Node.js Developer freelance and in-house jobs and more programmers willing to embrace this technology? There are several essentials nearly every Node.js Back-end Developer will enlist. First and foremost, it's all about scalability and performance this technology brings in. Also, it's a comprehensive library of JavaScript modules that makes the development process more manageable. One more reason for its popularity is that it's open-source and easily accessible.

Core skills and technologies for remote Node.js Developers

As Node.js gets more popular as a programming language, Node.js Developers, senior-level, in particular, get increasingly demanded.

Here are some hard skills essential for Node.js Back-end Developers who'd like to place their heads and shoulders over the other candidates for Node.js Developer remote jobs:

  • Proven track records development using this technology
  • Strong knowledge of related frameworks like Express, Koa, and Loopback
  • Experience with client-side frameworks like Angular, React, Meteor, and others
  • Proficiency in RESTful APIs
  • Advanced level of asynchronous programming
  • Working knowledge of package managers, modules, user authentication, authorization, and other JavaScript development concepts
  • Experience with at least one ORM / ODM solution: TypeORM, Sequelize, or Mongoose
  • Ability to establish and manage the code review process
  • Hands-on release strategy implementation

Along with hard skills, a senior Node.js Developer should bring to the table soft skills, including:

  • At least Upper-Intermediate level of English
  • Advanced communication skills, letting the programmer build cooperative relationships with teams and clients, effectively negotiate, and manage the conversations and group discussions
  • High level of self-efficiency, stress tolerance, and emotional intelligence
  • Willingness to continuously learn and share the knowledge

What you will do as a remote Node.js Developer

Node.js Developers work on the server-side of web applications. Specifically, they build the logic, create backend components, integrate third-party services, and help to put together the frontend and backend parts of the application.

Here are the main responsibilities a senior Node.js Developer deals with:

  • Write reusable and testable code according to the high coding standards
  • Build high-performance web applications
  • Facilitate the integration of server-side logic with front-end elements
  • Ensure data protection and eliminating security issues
  • Integrate data storage solutions

Explore Node.js Developer job freelance opportunities

Despite the high demand for Node.js Developers, freelance remains rather an exception for several companies, which are still not ready for fully remote cooperation.

However, if you're exploring Node.js Developer remote jobs, you're in the right place. Here, on EPAM Anywhere platform, you can find numerous openings in hand-picked and approved enterprise-level companies. Here you won't hit any roadblocks in your search. Just apply for an opening that looks like a match to you, and leave all the hiring and managing things on us.