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EPAM Anywhere is hiring remote and freelance Node.js Specialists.


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Board one of Node.js remote jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Node js is meteorically raising its popularity. Lightweight, scalable, rich with instruments – it makes developers’ work much more comfortable and applications – considerably faster. No wonder it’s one of the most favored server-side technologies. Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Google – Node js jobs are always among the hottest vacancies in the IT giants.

An experienced Node js Developer is a rare beast and is sought by everyone. If you’re one of them – there are Node js jobs that are waiting for you here, at EPAM Anywhere.

EPAM Anywhere is a platform that helps brilliant professionals work remotely with prominent IT brands and startups worldwide. With us, you’ll be joining only the projects that meet your talents and boost your experience while offering you timely and competitive pay.

Let’s see what you need to start your new remote career right away!

Skills you’ll need to master Node.js freelance jobs

Hard skills necessary to handle Node js remote jobs:

  • Proficiency in Node js, ability to write clean and reusable code
  • Excellent knowledge of at least one of its frameworks, like Express.js, Hapi, Loopback, or Feathers
  • Applied understanding of Front End technologies – JavaScript, HTML5, CSS,
  • Experience with Front End frameworks, like React or Vue, would be a considerable asset
  • Sound grasp of SQL and NoSQL Databases, hands-on experience with PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Understanding of REST and RESTful API

Skills that help you stand out as a Senior Developer:

  • Proficiency in TypeScript or CoffeeScript
  • Understanding of SOLID principles
  • Knowledge of secure Authentication and Authorisation principles
  • Firm grip on Error handling

Soft skills to be a number one candidate for any Node js vacancy:

  • Self-efficiency skills, the potential of making decisions, self-managing, working in a team
  • Ability to show a sense of ownership and focus on client’s business needs
  • Communication skills – establishing a relationship, maintaining and leading conversation
  • Writing and speaking English at least at B2 level (upper-intermediate)

What you’ll be doing on Node.js freelance jobs

  • Writing readable, testable, and reusable code
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining performant, scalable, low-latency applications through Agile methodologies
  • Working closely with others to integrate front end features with server-side logic
  • Finding, fixing, and preventing security issues and bugs
  • Integrating data storages and cloud-based services

Explore Node.js jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Skillful Node js Developer is always of the highest value for global enterprises and ambitious startups. At EPAM Anywhere, we make sure that you choose only among the projects that are worth your talents. Just check out available vacancies and hit Apply.