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how to write a tech cover letter

9 min readpublished 06 December 2022updated 10 April 2023

Writing a cover letter is a common part of the job application process, but creating an outstanding cover letter is surprisingly difficult. In some cases, even figuring out how to start a cover letter can feel incredibly tricky, as you need to pull the hiring manager in right away.

While tech professionals are in high demand, standing out from the competition is essential. If you want to ensure that your cover letter lets you put your best foot forward, here’s a look at how to write a cover letter for a tech job, some cover letter examples, and a few cover letter tips to get you headed in the right direction.

how to build a cover letter for tech jobs

How to start a cover letter

No matter what type of tech job you’re trying to land, you’ll use the same approach when figuring out how to start a cover letter. Whether you're a JavaScript job contender or creating a full-stack developer cover letter, beginning with a header that includes the date and relevant contact information is always the first step.

After that, don’t jump directly into writing a cover letter. Instead, choose an appropriate salutation first.

Preferably, you’ll be able to include the hiring manager’s name after doing some digging to find it. If that isn’t an option, the classic “Dear Hiring Manager” is a solid alternative.

Following the salutation, the next step for how to create a cover letter is to write an introductory paragraph or two. First, you’ll provide information about your experience level and relevant key skills. The goal of this paragraph is to show the hiring manager immediately that you meet the core requirements for the job, giving them a reason to keep reading.

The second introductory paragraph allows you to showcase your interest in the company and job, as well as transition into the main body of your cover letter. Ideally, you want to mention a detail or two about the prospective employer that encouraged you to apply, such as an aspect of its mission or a couple of its core values that resonate with you. This demonstrates that your enthusiasm goes beyond the position, making you a stronger candidate.

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What to write in a cover letter if you’re a software engineer

When you’re trying to determine how to write a cover letter for a software engineer position, follow the introduction with two paragraphs that outline your relevant software engineering experience. Review the job description for any required skills and experience, then choose relevant examples from your work history to discuss in the cover letter.

Since there are multiple types of software engineers, not all software engineering cover letters will be exactly alike. For example, the content in a data engineer cover letter needs to focus on data management and visualization skills, while a DevOps engineer cover letter may concentrate more on continuous delivery and integration.

Similarly, a front-end developer cover letter will have a heavy focus on website and application creation, including languages like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. For a Java developer cover letter, the focus is on Java specifically and how it’s used to create software and applications.

What’s important to remember when working out how to create a cover letter for a software engineering or development job is to make the content position-specific, increasing the overall relevancy.

Once you create the job example paragraphs, follow them up with an additional paragraph that summarizes your expertise and the value you provide. For the latter, focus on known needs based on the job description. Finally, include a call-to-action to encourage them to set up an interview before signing off.

a free cover letter sample for web developers:

How to create a cover letter for mobile developers

The process of how to write a cover letter for a job as a mobile developer is similar, regardless of the mobile operating system involved. The only difference between an Android developer cover letter and an iOS cover letter is the devices and systems you’ll discuss and the skills you choose to highlight.

After your introduction, choose two examples from your work history that showcase relevant skills based on the job description. Ideally, you want examples that are similar to the projects outlined in the job ad, as these make your value clearer.

Once that’s complete, you’ll want to create a closing paragraph that highlights your value and showcases your enthusiasm. By adding a detail about the company – such as how the mission resonates with you – you demonstrate your high degree of interest.

Including a call-to-action in your closing is also wise. Outline some upcoming dates and times when you’re available for an interview, or simply express your interest in hearing back. After that, you can close out the letter.

How to write a QA engineer cover letter

When it comes to how to create a cover letter for a QA engineering position, you’ll use a similar approach to those above. Take your first two paragraphs after the introduction to discuss relevant examples. Follow these up with a closing paragraph that summarizes your value and showcases your enthusiasm. Finally, include a strong call-to-action statement.

With a QA engineer cover letter, make sure your examples mention times when you used various skills to identify and correct defects you spotted in high-visibility projects. By doing so, you show how your individual contributions made a significant difference.

How to write a good cover letter for an analyst job

When you’re trying to write a cover letter for an analyst job, follow the introductory paragraph with two examples that showcase your relevant capabilities and experience. While the process is largely the same, the examples you should feature depend on the type of analyst position you’re after.

For instance, with a data analyst cover letter, you’ll concentrate on data gathering and interpretation in your examples, as well as how your efforts solved specific problems. With a business analyst cover letter, the focus is more on process, product, or service improvements over the actual task of analyzing data. While you want to mention technical analysis skills, concentrate on the results captured based on the insights you provided, making your cover letter more impactful.

After your examples, include a summary closing paragraph that highlights your enthusiasm and includes a clear call-to-action statement. Then, all you need to do is sign off.

Tech job cover letter examples

By reviewing a couple of tech cover letter examples, figuring out how to write a good one yourself will be easier. You can start by looking up these senior software developer cover letter samples, or read on for more examples:

Example 1

John Doe

Los Angeles, California


January 1, 2023

Jane Smith

123 900th Street

Los Angeles, California 00001

Dear Ms. Jane Smith,

As an experienced iOS Mobile Developer with a Master’s degree in Computing Systems, I’ve spent 7 years honing my capabilities in critical areas, including Objective-C, Swift, and Core Data, Core Graphics, and Core Animation. As a result, my past experience in my most recent role at XYZ Corp. and other previous positions align strongly with the job description listed for the open iOS Mobile Developer position at ABC Tech, Inc.

ABC Tech, Inc. inspires me as a mobile development professional. The company’s dedication to innovation resonates strongly with me, as does its reputation for community service and its recent success with the development of its flagship app.

In my current position, I have spearheaded the development of a customer-centric mobile application that streamlines the retail customer experience. Using Swift 3.0, my project team created a streamlined, attractive application that ultimately boosted sales by 28%, all while finishing on time and 5% under budget.

Additionally, I have ample experience creating internal apps. In a previous position, I played a critical role in the creation of an internal payroll app, reducing payroll processing times by 18% by eliminating redundant data entry.

My current skills and abilities align strongly with your open job, putting me in an excellent position to provide ABC Tech, Inc. with exceptional value.

Please contact me at 555-555-5555 or if you have any questions. I’m also available for an interview after 1:00 pm, Monday through Friday. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this exciting opportunity.


John Doe


Example 2

John Doe

Los Angeles, California


January 1, 2023

Jane Smith

123 900th Street

Los Angeles, California 00001

Dear Ms. Jane Smith,

As a skilled data analyst with 8 years of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in Data Analytics, I was thrilled to see the opening for a Data Analyst at XYZ Co. During my career, I’ve honed critical skills that allow me to provide value to my employers, including data visualization, data cleaning, MATLAB, R, SQL, and Python.

I’ve long viewed XYZ Co. as an employer of choice due to its commitment to integrity, diversity, inclusion, and community. Additionally, I find its focus on innovation extremely admirable.

In my most recent position, my contributions assisted ABC Company with critical strategic decisions, allowing the company to capture additional market share and leading to a sales increase of 18%.

Additionally, I spearheaded a project focused on cost reduction. Through my contributions, the company was able to identify inefficiencies and champion supply chain digitalization, leading to greater visibility that eliminated bottlenecks.

My skills and experience can support XYZ Co. as it works to streamline its operations and improve profitability. As a result, I can provide excellent value to the organization.

Please contact me at 555-555-5555 or if you have further questions. I’m also available on Wednesdays and Fridays at any time for an interview. I look forward to hearing from you regarding this exceptional opportunity.


John Doe


You can also download our free universal cover letter as a starting point. This handy template is easy to tweak to meet your needs, giving you a simple framework to follow.

Final cover letter tips

While the information above gives you a solid idea of how to write a cover letter, there are some additional cover letter tips that are worth knowing.

First, always do your research before deciding what to write in a cover letter. Review the job description to learn more about must-have skills and experience, and check out the company’s website to get insights into its mission and values. By doing so, you can align your approach with the company’s needs and preferences, making it easier to showcase your value.

When writing a cover letter, quantifying the details works in your favor. Numbers draw the eye, and they provide the hiring manager with crucial context, making this one of the most vital cover letter tips for standing out.

You also want to include critical soft skills, such as organization and communication. Hiring managers are just as concerned about soft skills as technical prowess, so tapping into both allows you to show that you’re adept in all areas.

Finally, express your enthusiasm in your closing lines. Make it clear that you’re excited about the opportunity, as exhibiting genuine passion for your field and the job ensures that you will come across as a stronger candidate.

Once you’re successfully considered for the job, it’s time to get ready for an interview. Well done!

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