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Remote React.js Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

React.js is a widely applied open-source JavaScript library. It's used for creating interactive UI of web and mobile apps and aims to make it painless. Businesses and developers enjoy React.js since it's simple, straightforward, and provides better and faster performance, unlike other JS frameworks. 

Besides, React Developers appreciate React.js for an opportunity to update efficiently and render distinct components when some data changes, debug the code in a more manageable way, create new features without rewriting existing code, and for its general component-based nature. Due to the enlisted ingredients, this framework gets highly popular. Hence the number of React.js Developer remote jobs keeps growing, mostly as remote is trending. But what does it take to be a competent and skilled React Developer, though?

Core competencies of a React.js Developer 

Although React.js is meant to be simple, a plethora of skills and technologies a React Developer should know and navigate to use this framework as a pro. Here are several critical areas of expertise typically required for React.js in-house jobs:

  • Understanding of basic React.js components and their specs 
  • Knowing full component lifecycle
  • Being competent with React top-level API
  • Experience in creating mixins
  • Using raw HTML in React components
  • Ability to add animation
  • Creating SPAs using React router 
  • Working with ES2015/JSX
  • Using JSDom for testing 
  • Understanding unidirectional data flow
  • Experience with Redux, Mobx, Reflux, Alt, or other libraries
  • Hands-on performance approaches: using PureRenderMixin add-on and immutable data structure (Immutable.js) 

There's also a list of core competencies implied for advanced React.js usage:

  • Ability to design app architecture using React
  • Proficiency in profiling and optimizing React components
  • Understanding virtual DOM
  • Hands-on server-side rendering
  • Knowing how to integrate React into other frameworks, like Backbone 
  • Experience with two-way binding
  • Creating E2E tests

Key responsibilities of React.js remote Developer

Both in-house React Developers are expected to cope with app user interfaces. Here are more specific duties that are typical for React.js Developer remote and onsite jobs:

  • Develop responsive user interfaces for mobile and web apps
  • Build reusable components 
  • Optimize components to ensure app performance across the screens and browsers
  • Work closely with UI/UX teams to turn the design into the code
  • Plan and implement front-end architecture

Explore React.js Developer remote jobs 

Demand for React Developers keeps increasing as more companies embrace the concept of remote collaboration and its efficiency. If you're looking for React.js remote opportunities, you're in the right place. Explore openings in Fortune2000 enterprise-level companies available on the EPAM Anywhere platform and apply for the ones that fit you most. With a wide selection of hand-picked job openings and the hiring team caring for your best interests, you'll surely land a great job!