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Ruby on Rails Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Yes, Ruby on Rails is still alive and in demand! All because of its handy and proven use for web development. According to Built With statistics, there are over 1 million web platforms built on this framework, including Airbnb, GitHub, SoundCloud, Twitter, Netflix, and Kickstarter. Users agree on its accessibility and intuitive syntax, and are proud of its large expert community.

Why the call for specialists? It's obvious — the ongoing need for remote freelance Ruby on Rails Developers and Ruby on Rails Software Engineers puts them at the top of recruiters’ lists. The power of Ruby opens up new opportunities for full stack Ruby on Rails engineering. In your capable hands, these advantages offer you a path to grow professionally and reap financial rewards.

At EPAM Anywhere, we are looking for just that kind of skill and vision to work on new projects around the world. Keep reading to discover more about the requirements of your future Rails job.

Basic knowledge and main technologies for Ruby on Rails Developers

Mastering any web framework can add value to your programming skills and advance your career. Ruby on Rails allows you to expand your talents and deploy a range of new features when coding.

Ruby on Rails Developer must-have expertise:

  • general understanding of Ruby basics
  • working with libraries, such as Resque
  • proficiency in frontend system engineering
  • excellent grasp of OOP
  • background in practical use frameworks, like MVC
  • experience with REST API
  • ability to maintain an active record

Optimizing Rails options, top-tier Ruby on Rails Software Engineers free up time to focus on business functions and application logic. You will be quickly snapped up if you have:

  • strong experience in Ruby on Rails development
  • microservices skills
  • cloud experience
  • java programming background
  • experience with React and Angular
  • RSpec and Minitest testing tools knowledge
  • written and spoken English (at least B1+)

Soft skills are also highly valued at Rails remote jobs, so it’s great if you have:

  • strong communication skills
  • creative thinking potential
  • perseverance and patience
  • ability to learn new skills quickly
  • willingness to be a team player

Rails remote jobs key responsibilities

Ruby on Rails software experts are highly sought-after specialists. At the middle or senior level, long-term jobs are frequently available.

Your daily responsibilities will primarily include:

  • developing and supporting effective code based on Ruby
  • implementing storage options
  • custom element installation
  • bug detection and elimination
  • developing reliable and secure features
  • active involvement in all stages of product pathway lifecycle
  • coordinated work with the project team

Boost your career as a freelance Ruby on Rails Developer

Start creating new web applications using modern and effective full stack Ruby on Rails development tools and grow as a member of our team of the industry’s brightest talents. Browse our open Rails remote jobs, apply for the one that suits you best, and land a job you’ll love!