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Working as a full-time remote Vue JS developer at Anywhere, you’ll be able to build a career around your lifestyle, from the comfort of your home. Actively engage with our global JavaScript community and level up your application development skills to mastery.

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Build your career on your own terms with remote Vue JS jobs at Anywhere. Connect with our JavaScript Competency Сenter to enhance your skills while growing in your chosen career track. Make an impact by delivering highly appealing digital products and implementing your years of experience.

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    Frontend development
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    Web development
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    SaaS app development
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    PWA and SPA development
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At Anywhere, you’ll work with the latest frontend technologies and contribute to exciting international projects on a daily basis. Use your skills in HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, GraphQL, Nuxt, Typescript, Git, Docker, PHP, Java, Python, RestAPI, and MongoDB to develop web applications and enhance your experience as a software developer. Our remote Vue.js jobs feature a growth-promoting and supportive atmosphere, enabling our backend, front-end and full stack developers to thrive and provide value as part of our global JS practice.


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Explore the key frontend development role available at Anywhere. Take up a remote role to contribute to startups and enterprise-level projects globally. Pursue your preferred lifestyle while building a rewarding career as a remote JavaScript developer with Vue.js as your primary skill.

JavaScript developers at Anywhere have exceptional opportunities to work on global projects and implement the latest technologies in their daily practice.

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Nikita Shevtsiv

I chose EPAM Anywhere because remote work appeals to me. I like that I can create my little home office, and manage my time and my life. I think it’s more efficient and productive this way. I don’t have to waste time commuting and I feel better overall. No burnout!

Nikita Shevtsiv Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Anywhere
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Jitendra Gosavi

At Anywhere, a professional like me can set their career path and then progress along it by learning, getting new certifications, mentoring others, and taking part in tech talks. Stop wasting time on commuting. Challenge yourself with new technologies. Come join EPAM Anywhere!

Jitendra Gosavi Senior Software Engineer, EPAM Anywhere

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Remote tech professionals around the globe come together at EPAM Anywhere. They work on exciting projects with the latest technologies, and experience career advancement on their own terms. Join our worldwide team of React developers, project managers, senior full-stack engineers, and Laravel developers, among others, to work full-time and enjoy a remote-forever workstyle.

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Apply for one of our remote Vue.js jobs. It takes just a few steps to land your remote-forever job at Anywhere. Read about our hiring process and learn how you can join us.

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