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top articles to learn JavaScript

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written bySenior Business Analyst, EPAM Anywhere

Surveys conducted worldwide in the IT sector indicate that JavaScript skills and proficiency are in high demand. The TIOBE Programming Community Index ranks JavaScript among the top 10 programming languages that are most popular with developers.

JavaScript is ubiquitous. Both startups and established companies of all sizes use this language to build new web and mobile products and services. This is not surprising. JavaScript is known as a versatile programming language that works in a browser, is easy to learn, has a large professional community, and offers great career opportunities for JavaScript developers.

Below, I share some of my favorite JavaScript articles in key categories that offer best practices, recommendations, and tips. I hope they will help improve your skills and advance your JS developer career.

JavaScript in computer science

Mastering algorithms is essential for working with JavaScript, especially when it comes to creating innovative products such as those based on artificial intelligence. An algorithm is a series of sequential instructions that allow actions or programs to be executed, and is central to the functioning of a program.

Some articles that will help you more effectively use algorithms in your JavaScript applications include:

JavaScript and programming paradigms

Programming paradigms (such as OOP, FP, and FRP) are fundamental principles of software creation. They represent different styles of generating code and giving instructions to machines, computers, and other devices. You can understand a programming paradigm as a path or a guide that streamlines web development by applying a certain structure and rules.

The following articles will show you how to apply some programming paradigms with JavaScript:

JavaScript in cybersecurity

Far too often, we hear about websites that become unavailable because of denial-of-service or other types of attacks. In some high-profile cases, millions of passwords, email addresses, and credit card records were leaked, exposing website users to both personal and financial risks.

The articles below will help you apply better security practices using JavaScript:

JavaScript and performance

JavaScript often triggers visual changes. Sometimes it does this directly through style manipulations, and sometimes through calculations that generate visual changes, such as searching or sorting data. Improperly timed or long-running JavaScript is a common cause of performance problems, and you should try to avoid this whenever possible.

Articles that will teach you key aspects of improving the performance of applications built with JavaScript include:

JavaScript frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are an essential part of modern frontend web development, providing developers with proven tools for creating interactive and scalable web applications. Since modern companies commonly use frameworks as a standard part of their tooling, many frontend development jobs today require some framework expertise.

The following articles will familiarize you with the best practices for working with JavaScript frameworks:


The articles mentioned above are some of the key resources that you might find useful in your journey toward mastering JavaScript. They don’t exhaustively cover the breadth of topics you should have a grasp of, but they can surely point you in the right direction.

written bySenior Business Analyst, EPAM Anywhere
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