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Freelance Business Analyst Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

You can hardly imagine a single organization not using any software to run its business operations. As more software solutions enter the market and generally software solutions get more popular, businesses start demanding their software would provide more advanced functionality. This is precisely why a business analyst's role in a bespoke software development project has become inevitable during the years.

The IT Business Analyst role has come from both the business and development side. Managers, economists, and even support team members often choose a Business Analyst job because they understand the client's pain and needs.

Core skills and technologies for IT Business Analyst

To stay a demanded Business Analyst on freelance or on-site, these professionals should have the following skillset:

  • Knowledge of the software life cycle by various methodologies
  • Understanding the fundamentals of programming, testing, algorithms, economics
  • Working with documentation
  • Exceptional problem solving, managerial, and decision-making skills
  • Ability to express the thoughts and ideas and engage every stakeholder in a conversation

Other nice-to-haves for a Business Analyst job include:

  • Ability to work with business process models and different types of diagrams (Entity-Relationship (ER), statechart, sequence, data-flow, and other diagrams)
  • Knowledge of Python, R or Kotlin
  • Understanding of basic programming concepts (OOP, BDD, TDD) as well as software architecture and design, database management systems, and software testing

When it comes to the Senior Business Analyst role, advanced skills and technologies required from these professionals imply:

  • High level of competence in elicitation techniques and enterprise analysis
  • Strong skills in requirements development, documenting, and management
  • Exceptional business analysis process organization & planning
  • Perfect command of business etiquette and knowledge of business communication specifics
  • Strong self-efficiency and ability to continuously learn

Key responsibilities for a Business Analyst remote job

A Business Analyst job's main task is to spot the customer's business problems and suggest the most effective solution. To do so, IT Business Analysts must know the subject. That's why a Business Analyst remote job intends working with the business and technical requirements at all stages and acting as a mediator between the customer and the team of programmers.

Thus, the duties of the middle-to-senior Business Analyst include:

  • Analyzing customer's business needs
  • Formalizing, documenting, and structuring requirements into business, functional, and non-functional
  • Performing requirements analysis using different methodologies and notations - prototyping, questionnaires, interviews, brainstorming, analysis of existing documents, competitors
  • Detecting problem areas and suggesting improvement
  • Claims management: change requests, analysis, and description of the impact on existing requirements
  • Transmission of requirements between developers and clients

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The demand for Business Analyst freelance professionals keeps growing. So, if you're looking for an exciting and challenging Business Analyst remote job, take a look at available job opportunities on the EPAM Anywhere platform. Just apply for the right-match project and land your dream career in one of our global projects!