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Remote Kotlin Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Despite Kotlin rarely takes top places in popular programming languages ratings, you shouldn’t be misguided. Kotlin is one of the most growing languages in the world. Every year, it overhauls other popular languages and climbs to the top.

Kotlin is a language released by JetBrains in 2016. Just like many modern languages, the idea of Kotlin was to simplify the workflows of Java programmers. It offers simple syntax, lots of ready-made libraries for typical tasks, well-written documentation, static typing, as well as a compiler for JVM, JavaScript, and React Native. Kotlin is tailored for enterprise projects.

After its release, Kotlin became the main technology stack for more than 50% of Android applications. In 2017, Google named Kotlin along with Java and C++ the official language for their apps.

The popularity of this language results in a vast number of Kotlin Engineer jobs. Trello, Slack, Airbnb, Tinder, and Basecamp are just a few examples of applications built on the top of Kotlin.

EPAM Anywhere and our clients go hand in hand with the latest technologies. We offer a variety of remote Kotlin jobs, providing you with an opportunity to work remotely, get social benefits, and have a flexible schedule. Continue reading to find out the key skills and responsibilities of Kotlin Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere.

Key skills for Kotlin Engineer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

To qualify for Kotlin Developer jobs on our platform, perfect knowledge of Java is required, aside from Kotlin. Besides, languages like C#, C++, or JavaScript will also come in handy. Other essential skills and areas of knowledge for Kotlin Engineers include:

  • Principles of OOP, design patterns, and development of best practices.
  • SQL language to write queries.
  • Knowledge of Android development process and tools like Android Studio and Android SDK.
  • Atlassian development tools like Gradle.
  • Versioning systems like Git and SVG.
  • Basic aspects of UI/UX design and Android guidelines.

Soft skills like perfect command of English, time management skills, and working by Agile methodologies will help you get a competitive edge.

Main responsibilities for Kotlin Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Kotlin Engineers work on the same tasks as Java Developers. The typical list of tasks for remote Kotlin jobs at EPAM Anywhere includes:

  • Development of applications for Android.
  • Backend development (Kotlin is compatible with Java Virtual Machine).
  • Integration of applications with databases, APIs, and third-party libraries.
  • Quality assurance with integration testing.
  • Uploading of applications to the Google Play store.
  • Maintenance and upgrades of apps.
  • Creating software documentation.

Choose among a variety of remote Kotlin jobs on EPAM Anywhere

The number of Kotlin Engineer jobs is growing thanks to a promising market for Android applications. The Android ecosystem creates multiple opportunities for high wages, remote work in worldwide projects, and a vibrant developer community.

On EPAM Anywhere, you can find lots of remote Kotlin jobs in long-term projects that change people's lives for the better. If you're ready to take this opportunity, check out our vacancies and apply with a quick, automated flow.