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backend developer resume example

7 undefinedpublished 04 May 2023

Writing an impressive backend developer resume is crucial for your career growth. This is because it is one of the main documents a prospective employer will see when considering and evaluating you for a position in their organization. It's an excellent opportunity for you to make a good first impression and promote yourself as the ideal candidate for the job.

Are you wondering how to snag the best backend developer jobs but concerned about the quality of your backend engineer resume? The resume for a backend developer below will help you emphasize and highlight your academic qualifications and experience in the most effective way, giving you an excellent opportunity of landing that coveted backend developer job.

Top sections to add to your backend developer resume

Before you sit down to prepare your back end developer CV, it is best to take a couple of minutes to list your background, education, skills, and anything else you deem pertinent to your ability to land a backend developer job you are after.

You should incorporate the following sections in your backend developer CV to stand out from the crowd.

Backend developer resume summary

The best and simplest way to pique interest and grab the attention of recruiters is a perfect backend developer resume summary section.

You should highlight your most relevant abilities, skills, qualities, and experiences, such as problem-solving and soft skills, in your backend developer summary section and limit the comprehensive overview to a couple of succinct phrases. A well-written summary of your backend developer resume can make a considerable difference.

It is best to align your professional knowledge with your strongest and most valuable skills, such as responsive website or application development. You can refer to a backend developer resume template below for a better idea.

Top skills to add to your backend developer CV

You should use this section to showcase and highlight your most important backend skills. Emphasize your core skill set and then mention them in a logical order that suits the job title you are applying for. Also, you can divide your skillset into primary and secondary subsets to make the document simple to read.

Your primary skills as a backend developer can discuss your core specializations, whereas you can use the second section for conveying related essential skills. This is especially valuable when applying with a senior backend developer resume.

Some skills for a senior backend engineer resume include the following:

Primary skills (technical):

  • Knowledge of servers
  • Database and cache
  • API (REST and SOAP)
  • Java or Python
  • Version control
  • Debugging
  • Wireframing
  • SQL
  • Git

Secondary skills:

  • Visual editing
  • JavaScript
  • UI/UX design
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML
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Describing backend projects for your resume

Resume of backend developers should include a description of various projects you have worked on. This can be the heart of your backend developer CV. You should include the most significant projects and achievements of your professional journey and how they have contributed to your growth and shaped your career.

Here, you can demonstrate how well you met the demands of your past employers by highlighting the quantifiable outcomes and results from your prior assignments. A backend developer resume example can help you achieve this objective. Choose the right backend projects for resume writing, or get help if you are confused.


You can use a backend developer resume sample to understand how you can include details about your educational background and academic performance in your resume. You should include names of institutes and colleges you have attended along with your grades.

Soft skills

As a backend developer looking to land a stable job, you need to highlight your technical expertise in programming and software development. However, you also have to highlight your soft skills, such as communication, to demonstrate that you can work effectively and efficiently in a team, solve problems efficiently, and communicate complex ideas.

Here are a few of the key soft skills you should list on your backend developer resume:

  • Communication: Highlight your ability to explain intricate and technical concepts in simple, non-technical terms, present your ideas clearly, and collaborate with cross-functional teams.
  • Problem-solving: You should showcase your ability to analyze and assess complex problems, develop innovative and novel solutions, and implement them effectively.
  • Teamwork: Backend developers must work closely with other developers and project managers. So, you should highlight your ability to work collaboratively, support your team members, and share knowledge.

See how soft skills are articulated in a back end developer resume sample so you can stand out from the competition.

Senior backend developer resume sample for your inspiration

Looking for a senior backend developer sample resume to get some inspiration? The following senior backend developer CV example will give you an idea of how a well-crafted backend developer resume can effectively showcase your relevant skills and experience, like proficiency in programming languages and API development. It also demonstrates a track record of success and will impress a prospective employer.


Senior Backend Engineer


  • Web applications backend developer on Java 8/11 with Spring.
  • Developing features and supporting a high-performance time-series database.
  • Developed backends from scratch for multiple products.
  • Had experience in project-managing a small team consisting of a frontend developer, backend developer, and QA.


Consulting practice:

  • Product leadership

Engineering practices:

  • Concurrency
  • Java development


  • Java
  • C++
  • Docker
  • Gatling
  • Git
  • Gradle
  • Hibernate
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Java 11
  • MySQL
  • SWIG
  • Spring
  • Spring Boot
  • WebSockets
  • Node.js
  • React

Leadership & soft skills:

  • Active listening
  • Trust building


June 2020 - now

Project Role: Key Backend Developer

Customer Domain: Software & Hi-Tech

Team size: 11-12 members


  • Developing the core business logic of a web app backend;
  • Building and streaming charts (market data, bars, linear);
  • Building and streaming order books;
  • Implementing SSO support using OAuth2.

Tools: IntelliJ IDEA

Technologies: Java 11, Spring Core, Boot, MVC, Rest, WebSocket, Security, Gatling


BA in Systems Engineering, 2018


Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Certification, 2021


English C1

Armenian Native

Node JS resume samples for you:

Backend developer resume template

A backend developer resume template can be valuable for first-time job seekers and those looking to make a transition. A template with backend developer resume summary and skills section will inspire you to craft a remarkable resume that will set you apart from other applicants, providing a starting point for interview discussions.

If you are looking for a reliable template with a persuasive backend developer resume description, you can download our CV template to secure that coveted job.

Final tips for building a job-winning backend developer resume

Keep it concise and easy to read

To encourage reviewers and employers to read your backend developer resume, it is best to limit the length to about two pages. If required, list additional positions at the end of your document. However, remember that it is better to focus on your most in-demand skills and recent jobs.

Also, your backend developer resume must be readable by humans and computers. A PDF file, for example, is often compatible with ATS as well as human reviewers. The best backend executive resumes are succinct and to the point.

Customize your CV for each job application

Customizing or tailoring your backend developer resume for each job application will help you stand out and show your suitability for the specific role. You should highlight your most relevant experience and skills that align with the job requirements.

For instance, if the job requires experience with a specific programming language, you should highlight your experience with that language. Also, use the same keywords and phrases, such as “full-stack developer”, which appear in the job description throughout your resume.

This is important as it will ensure that your backend developer resume gets through any automated applicant tracking systems (ATS) and is seen and reviewed by a human recruiter.

Before applying for a specific job, go through these backend developer interview questions and answers to make sure you are prepared for the interview.

Attach a portfolio in a readable format

To augment your backend developer skills resume section, you should also include a portfolio in a simple and readable format. You'll need an online web development or application development portfolio showing your greatest and most important work to impress your prospective employer. Here are web portfolio examples for your inspirations.

Include a cover letter

You will need a customized and persuasive cover letter for each job application. You may capture an employer's attention with a compelling and concise backend developer cover letter, boosting your odds of getting a job interview.

If you are not good at it, use these tips to write a cover letter with examples.

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