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Remote Javascript Developer jobs at EPAM Anywhere: core skills, duties, and career opportunities

Javascript is one of the elements of good style in modern front-end development. Everything end-users appreciate in interfaces – interactive menus, maps, buttons, and other animated elements – is in most cases is powered by Javascript. There are even Javascript Game Developers, so its potential stretches beyond web applications and browser interfaces.

In 2020, PYPL Index put Javascript in third place in its popularity index that analyzes the number of search queries with the name of a programming language in them. It's not surprising since 97% of all websites worldwide use Javascript as a part of their technology stack.

Here at EPAM Anywhere we're always on the scout for seasoned full-stack Javascript Developers to offer jobs in the projects with clients from the Fortune Global 2000 list. Did we mention that our platform welcomes freelance Javascript Developers to join our tech community on a remote basis?

To work for us, it's simple. We handle communication with clients, project management, and the selection of the most suitable project for you. Meanwhile, you focus on your immediate tasks and project duties.

Before you apply for our Javascript Developer jobs, make sure you've got the following qualifications and expertise.

What you need to know to apply on a Full-stack Javascript Developer job at EPAM Anywhere

Generally, to be remote or freelance Javascript Software Developer means to code in pure JS and have experience with at least some of the countless frameworks like AngularJS and ReactJS. In addition, to apply on a Javascript Developer job you must possess these qualifications:

  • Experience with HTML5 and CSS3 to create rich web interfaces.
  • Core Javascript, client-side Javascript, browser APIs.
  • Knowledge of Object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and common design patterns.
  • Javascript DOM (jQuery).
  • UI components like Bootstrap and jQuery UI.
  • Proficient use of code development techniques like TDD
  • Hands-on experience with Javascript testing frameworks like Jest and Mocha.
  • Webpack
  • Version control systems like Git and Mercurial.
  • Excellent teamwork skills, mentoring, and people development experience.

Duties of a remote and freelance JavaScript Developer

Below, we'll review typical tasks of a profound freelance Javascript Software Developer. The list may vary depending on a project, level of qualification, and other factors:

  • Implement software concepts to their working concepts: participate in the product development process, write code, and maintain the codebase.
  • Develop business logic of a web application and work with third-party integrations and APIs to extend the functionality.
  • Implement automated testing, regularly conduct refactoring sessions and code reviews.
  • Collaborate with team members, resolve issues, present ideas and concepts to clients, and mentor junior colleagues.
  • Offer viable technical and architectural solutions.

Starting a career on a remote Javascript Developer job at EPAM Anywhere

Full-stack Javascript Developer job at EPAM Anywhere brings you multiple career development opportunities:

  • Getting in-depth expertise with pure JS, its add-ons like CoffeeScript and TypeScript, and learning framework and libraries for various purposes. We offer a variety of paid certifications and training programs to boost your skills.
  • Extending expertise to back-end development and tools like Node.js.
  • Moving to a managerial career in the role of a Team Leader or a Project Manager.

EPAM Anywhere isn't your average platform for remote Javascript Developer jobs. We offer employee benefits, training and learning programs, and a personal career mentor – just like for our in-house employees. Excited to learn more about job opportunities for remote Javascript Developers? Check out our vacancies and tech communities you can join soon.