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Freelance Microsoft Dynamics Careers at EPAM Anywhere

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an important and widely used tool for companies today, as it helps them to handle consumer relationships with a focus on sales, marketing, and service delivery. This software package is considered one of the best CRM systems in the world.

This field is a great option for career growth, for example, as a developer, engineer, software analyst, team lead, or consultant. It provides excellent job opportunities as it is used by many companies and you will get the opportunity to work in one of the innovative fields.

Here at EPAM Anywhere, we offer freelance jobs on Dynamics CRM in long-term projects. To find out what key skills and general duties are required to join a successful team, read the information that follows.

Core skills and technologies for remote Microsoft Dynamics CRM jobs

Often Microsoft Dynamics is not in the business of developing from scratch, but rather of customization. That's why Microsoft Dynamics' position of providing effective integration is becoming more and more in demand.

When working with an existing product, you want to customize it to fit the client's needs, and that's why you need to have certain skills and know how to work with the technology. To become part of the CRM team, you should first be certified in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The following experience is required of the candidate for the remote Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Engineer position:

  • Experience in MS Dynamics CRM customization, development of client scripts, plugins, business processes, reports;
  • Strong knowledge of ASP.NET, C#, JavaScript, Web Forms, TSQL
  • Experience in working with different versions of MS Dynamics CRM
  • Basic knowledge of MS SQL Server administration will be a plus

If you are interested in the MS Dynamics CRM Software Engineering Team Lead position, it is important to have:

  • Good knowledge of MS Dynamics CRM 2016
  • Expertise in custom development for CRM, understanding Microsoft requirements for custom development under CRM platform
  • Proficiency in custom development for Dynamics CRM, more than two years
  • Good IT architecture skills
  • Experience in workflow development
  • Leadership qualities, team player, ability to achieve goals in multitask and time-limited environment;
  • Advanced written and spoken English

To apply for a Middle Salesforce DevOps Engineer job, the following is required:

  • Knowledge of Salesforce
  • Broad skills in CI (Git, Jenkins, Ant)
  • Written and spoken communication skills

Key responsibilities for freelance Dynamics CRM jobs

Since the main part of tasks in development for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is related to the implementation of business logic, in addition to expanding technical knowledge, the specialist begins to understand business processes. To work on a particular project, a remote CRM developer must perform a certain list of duties, among which can be highlighted::

  • Customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM system
  • Development and support of business applications based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM system for the internal needs of the company
  • System architecture design
  • Creating components to expand the business functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as its integration with other applications
  • System architecture design
  • Preparation of technical tasks, specifications, development of reports

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