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Remote Backend Developer Jobs at EPAM Anywhere

The role of a Backend Programmer is indispensable across a wide variety of industries in the current business climate. From cross-platform website and web application development to API (Application Programming Interface) development, there's no doubt that a Backend Developer plays a crucial role in enhancing the bottom line of any enterprise. It's not surprising that there is considerable demand for your skillset. 

In fact, recent statistics suggest a 22% growth in Backend work between 2019 to 2029. This reflects the growing market for Backend Developer jobs in response to consumer needs and patterns. This demand for Backend coding is not surprising in light of the fact that, of the 4.66 billion active internet users, about 93% of them access the internet via mobile phones. 

If you are a Backend Programmer, there may be a number of available positions looking for someone with your skills. You know, however, that not all employers are created equal. As a skilled Backend software engineer, you want to make sure that the employer you choose offers you the opportunity to work for the right people, under excellent conditions. You don't want to waste time in your career accumulating too many had-I-only-known anecdotes. If you are interested in a cooperation where your talents will be appreciated and enhanced, then our Backend jobs are precisely what you are looking for.

Essential core skills for Backend jobs at EPAM Anywhere

Excellent skillsets are the key to our stellar track record and our reputation as one of the best software developing and consulting companies. All of our employees meet our high standards, and our Backend Developer jobs require potential applicants to meet requirements including:

  • proficiency with version control systems
  • knowledge and development experience with programming languages such as HTML, SQL, Java, Python, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript
  • successful working experience with servers
  • understanding of databases and algorithms
  • mastery of contemporary frameworks
  • command of API development is a must
  • comprehension of databases and cache
  • knowledge of web Developer architecture
  • a good Backend Software Engineer must also have a solid working understanding of DevOps principles

Soft skills

In addition to the core skills identified above, a good Backend Developer should also have:

  • adaptability and flexibility
  • excellent problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to be a team player 
  • superior time-management skills 
  • proven decision-making ability
  • motivation to be a self-starter with solid self-management capability
  • excellent communication skills
  • proven dependability
  • curiosity and willingness to continue to learn
  • high proficiency in the English language

Responsibilities of a Backend Developer

The duties of a Backend engineer at EPAM include:

  • working with leading operating systems
  • development and management of databases
  • development of highly-functional cross-platform APIs
  • providing cloud-based systems integration services
  • systems architecture development
  • working with Frontend Developers
  • working with Backend frameworks
  • development of websites and applications

Perks of our Backend Developer jobs 

In addition to the general advantages of Backend work, being a Backend Engineer at EPAM Anywhere offers unique benefits that you don’t want to miss. 

Career growth opportunities

Solid experience in backend coding is one of the fundamental differences between highly-skilled and average Developers. Only by working on a variety of different and interesting projects can you accumulate the experience necessary to be considered a highly-skilled Backend Developer. So, do you want the opportunity to continue to grow your career? Are you interested in education, training, and the chance to learn from recognized industry experts? 

100% remote work

The challenges of the daily commute to work can unnecessarily consume your valuable time and drain your energy. An opportunity to do what you love, from the comfort of your home, while still earning a competitive income is definitely worthy of consideration.  Are you ready to take the next step on your career path?

Flexible employment types

In light of today's technological revolution, isn’t it high time that employment conditions experienced a bit of a revolution? If you find it more convenient to work from home, and have access to different employment opportunities with a variety of benefits, EPAM Anywhere offers what you are looking for. The choice is yours to make.